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ICS Real Stories: Joshua | Online CIPD Level 3 & 5 Review

Joshua Gershington

CIPD Level 3&5

Within 6 weeks of completing our online CIPD Level 3 course Joshua had landed himself his first ever HR job! He's since come back to study Level 5 with us too. 


My story with ICS Learn begins in December 2015. I was working at Just Eat in a mind-numbing job. It had been over two years since I graduated from University with the idea of working in the Film industry. Unfortunately, due to family circumstances, I decided to stop looking for work in the film industry and stay at Just Eat.

In the back of my mind, I knew this employment wasn't going to last forever and I need to do something with my life, so I started to look around for different work.

I came across information about Human Resources and what people do in it. The more I researched HR, the more I was fascinated by it, so I decided to look into studying it.

I came across the Home Learning College and ICS Learn. I weighed up the facts and went with ICS Learn. One of the best decisions I ever made. I left Just Eat in June 2016 and started studying the Level 3 HR course in August.

My progress was initially slow however with the great help from the tutors I soon picked up the pace and excelled, completing the course with 10 months.

The day I received my certificate I jumped with joy and immediately applied for HR jobs. Within 6 weeks I was working as an HR and Office Administrator. Within two weeks of starting work, I began my journey with the Level 5 HR course.

Again, my progress was slow however with even more help from the tutors and customer services I pushed myself to excel, passing assignment after assignment, and by mid-August this year I completed the Level 5 course with the same amount of adulation.

They all took their time to listen to my issues and understood my challenges with the course. Especially during module 2 in the Level 5 course.

I was struggling to find the necessary information for the assignment and the tutor took me through the assignment, question by question, to help me.

Within two years I have turned my life around with two CIPD qualifications, courtesy of ICS Learn, and more than one year of HR experience under my belt.


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