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ICS Real Stories: Emily | Online CIPD Level 5 Review

Emily Chambers

CIPD Level 5

Studying our online CIPD Level 5 Diploma has given Emily the confidence and skills she needs to take her career to the next level.


I am currently studying Human Resources Management and completing my Level 5 CIPD Diploma with ICS Learn.

I currently work in the pharmaceutical industry in admin but a previous job in retail inspired me to get involved with HR. During this interim job, I thought there is no better time to get qualified to set me up on the next stage of my career.

I knew of ICS Learn from old TV adverts so when I googled CIPD Qualification I recognised the company.

I did some research and found some really positive reviews and was attracted to the distance learning course they provided.

There are endless modules in HR, but I really liked the modules ICS Learn offered as part of their diploma.

At the time, there was also a discount on the course price and the interest-free instalments made it really easy for me to decide to do it.

As someone who has never done distance learning before, it has been more difficult than I imagined.

At first, I imagined a few hours on the weekend and it would be a breeze, but actually there is a lot more to it than that and it requires more discipline.

Once I got into the habit of studying, it became part of my routine. The 24 access to the dashboards and the study guidance ICS Learn provides is really helpful.

The textbooks that come with the course are very interesting and you don’t need to pay out for extra resources. My tutors have all been really helpful and have always been available to answer my questions.

All the modules have been interesting and are written well to ensure you keep your interest even when things get a bit tough!

Once I finish my CIPD I will be looking for jobs within HR. I already have a wealth of admin experience behind me so will be looking for something more challenging where I can use my new skills that I have developed through my CIPD learning.

I now have the confidence and skills to work at a more strategic level, looking at the bigger picture within HR.

ICS Learn has been great for me. The no-fuss setup and 24/7 availability has been there at the most random times when I have picked up my laptop to study.

The resources available have equipped me with the information and tools that I will be sure to use in the next stages of my career.

I would recommend ICS Learn to anyone wanting to learn something new!


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