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ICS Real Stories: Charlene | Online GCSE Maths Review

Twenty years after failing her exam, Charlene decided to study GCSE Maths online and this time she passed!

I always used to hear people say, "you either get Maths, or you don't". And I truly believed that I was one of those people who just didn't get Maths.  

Leading up to my GCSE exams, which was over 20 years ago, I knew I was totally unprepared for my Maths exam.  

I tried having extra lessons, but it was too late, and I had already convinced myself that I was just going to fail…which I did.  But that didn't matter, did it? I was sure that I wouldn't need Maths. 

Eighteen years later, I’m now married and with two young children. I decided I wanted to work in a school and realised that I would need my Maths GCSE to pursue my change in career.  

The first thing that came to my mind was it was too late and that I was too old to do my GCSEs! 

The very idea of studying Maths and attending college scared that life out of me.  It was so daunting, and I shrugged the idea off.  

However, my husband suggested I do an online course and that's when I came across ICS Learn.

I enrolled in March 2017 and wrote my final exam in June 2018.  And guess what? I passed!

Getting my result has been one of the most exciting moments of my life and I could not have done it without the support of ICS Learn and especially my tutor Melissa Lieberman.  

Her online lessons were easy to follow, interactive and fun and I actually used to look forward to them.  Not at all like when I was at school.

This whole experience has shown me that I am capable, and I am one of those people who gets Maths. Thank you ICS Learn.


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