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ICS Real Stories: Brogan | Online GCSE Maths Review

Brogan Derry

GCSE Maths

Brogan Derry needed GCSE Maths to advance at university and after studying online with us she can now move on to her second year of Midwifery. 


In January 2018, I started university in the hopes to become a midwife. One problem was 10 years ago when I picked up my GCSE results I only got a grade D in Maths and I needed a C or above to get onto the next year of my university course

I started looking around for online courses where I could learn at my own rate but still had support should I need it.

That’s when I came across ICS Learn, it was perfect, all the learning was from home, but I had an allocated maths tutor I could call or email if I was stuck on anything.

They also offered a payment plan which meant I had the flexibility to pay monthly for the course.

I was being ambitious only giving myself 5 months before my exam date. I’d sit for an hour or 2 a few times a week once my toddler was asleep and watch the videos and complete the online tasks.

I could drop my tutor an email with topics I was really struggling with and he usually replied within a few hours which was fantastic and meant there was no delays in my learning.

The online student community is a brilliant tool to talk to other students on your course, pick up tips and get the answer to any questions you have on anything.

The tutors also keep their eyes on the forums and answer anything that you post on there as well.

Live lessons are a way of getting the classroom environment and having a live chat with Melissa as you learn along, but should you have outside commitments during the time the lesson is on you can watch back at your leisure, so you don’t miss out.

Today 10 years after my first GCSE results I collected my grade 4 that I needed to apply for my second year at university.

I can’t thank the team at ICS Learn enough and would recommend them to anybody who is looking for online learning.


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