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ICS Real Stories: Awele | Online CIPD Level 7 Certificate Review

Awele Elueze

CIPD Level 7

After studying CIPD Level 5 in a classroom, Awele Elueze found studying online much more flexible. He reviews his journey of studying our CIPD Level 7 Certificate online. 

I chose to study with ICS Learn because of its drive and attention to detail.

I got a call from one of the course advisors explaining to me the benefits that I would gain from studying.

After carefully listening about the flexible study hours and the study aid available to me as a student in Nigeria, I opted to take the leap of faith and ever since I decided to study with ICS Learn. I have no regrets.

At first, I was not too sure of what to expect studying remotely and using the online platform as my first time since I had completed my level 5 CIPD studying in a real classroom.  

I had all the questions to ask the team such as ‘are you sure I can study online for my CIPD’ as had tried this before and had been told by other learning instructors that I had to reside in the UK to enrol.

I also received all the attention with answers that made my learning more relaxed.

I study over the weekends due to my busy work schedule and listen to the podcast and online classroom. Having tutorials on the formative and summative assignments has been very helpful to me for my study concentration.

I am currently studying for my Level 7 certificate in Human Resource Management.  The online platform is easy to access with online tutorials and classrooms. I ask my tutors questions and they respond to me on time just like I was there in class.

I have confidence in my learning experience through ICS Learn. My plan is to use the knowledge gathered and networking to progress in my HR career.

I will, therefore, recommend ICS Learn to HR professionals looking to study for their foundation, intermediate and advanced studies both in the UK and overseas.

The journey for me although not completed yet has been filled with insight with a learning experience worth sharing.


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