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ICS Real Stories: Asher | Online IGCSE English Review

Asher Robinson

IGCSE English Language

Asher Robinson really enjoyed studying his IGCSE English Language online with us and all his hard work paid off as he received a very impressive grade 7!

My name is Asher Robinson and I am 22 years old. In school, I studied towards an English GCSE, however, I received a grade D which I felt was wholly inadequate.

I put this down to me just being bad at English and forgot about it.

It took me six years to fully understand how behind I was and that lacking an English GCSE (although having good A-Levels) would restrict my future development significantly.

I began looking into building a career in accountancy, and when searching for apprenticeships I saw that almost all accountancy practices required an English GCSE some requiring a minimum grade of a B.    

At this point, I was living in the Middle East and I began researching for online learning providers so that I would able to study whilst being abroad.

During my search, I discovered ICS Learn offered an IGCSE English with supported study. Signing up was an easy, stress-free process.

Getting used to the layout of the website and the study procedure did take some time, but after I got familiar with the layout I appreciated how thorough and methodical the approach was.

My course began with teaching the very basic, pre-GCSE, rules of English, things that I had forgotten over time and from that stage it gradually taught more and more.

I must say, all the information was provided to me clearly and there was no need for me to go and seek any external information. To make study easier, ICS Learn assigns you a personal tutor. My tutor answered all my questions promptly.

At the end of most chapters, there are mock exams to familiarise the student with the layout of the exam and the answer structures.

These exams were marked and evaluated by my personal tutor and she offered practical suggestions of how to improve my marks.   

Perhaps the most helpful thing for me was the live classes.

In the week leading up to the exam live classes were set up and the teacher went through the mark scheme summarising what we had learned and answered all the questions we were asking.

I am proud today that with dedication and hard work I received a grade 7, the equivalent of an A.

I am extremely happy with the result, a mark that a couple of years ago I would have thought unobtainable. Thank you, ICS Learn.

With this result, I will be able to continue and build a successful career in accounting.

I will definitely recommend ICS Learn to students who are driven and who are open to self-study.


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