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ICS Real Stories: Angela | Online IGCSE Biology Review

Angela Ford

IGCSE Biology

Angela Ford passed her IGCSE Biology last summer after studying online with us and she's now one step closer to being qualified to teach in the UK. 


My name is Angela Ford and I am a 37-year-old adult learner.  I am an overseas qualified teacher and I recently experienced the dilemma of needing a GCSE in a Science subject to fulfil a requirement needed to gain my qualified teacher status in the United Kingdom.

My only option was to study through a distance learning course as I am employed full time at a school and I have a busy family and social life that studies needed to fit around.

I researched online courses and was instantly impressed with the affordable fees and the prompt, friendly replies to my queries which prompted me to study for my Biology IGCSE through ICS Learn.

I was able to navigate through the Biology course material confidently as it was set out clearly and the course work was understandable and well organised. 

The end of unit tasks were challenging and allowed me to revise further and gauge my progress. 

Ongoing, friendly tutor support was only one click away and I was able to ask a range of questions about the course work and the upcoming exams. 

I felt supported throughout the process and felt I’d gained adequate knowledge to see me through my exams. 

Before the final exams, there were many support groups offered and tips and advice given for study techniques which I found useful. 

I was well prepared for my exams and sat them with confidence.  I have now received my results for my IGCSE Biology exams and was extremely pleased with a B! 

I know that I am now one step closer to completing the requirements for teaching in the UK and I couldn’t have achieved this without the support from ICS Learn.

I would highly recommend studying online through ICS Learn as I was able to work, spend quality family time and study flexible hours through them. 


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