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ICS Real Stories: Amanda | Online CIM Level 4 Review

Amanda Mountford

CIM Level 4

Our CIM student Amanda overcame some personal struggles to pass her CIM Level 4 Certificate with distinction!

I have recently completed my Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing with ICS Learn. 

I chose to complete this course as I was new to Marketing and although I had an English Literature degree, I wanted to do a course that would help me to understand the theory behind the practice I was doing and have that relevant qualification on my CV. 

I was nervous about the course after a couple of years out of university and wasn't sure how difficult it might be. I hoped to pass the course and didn't see grade as too important. 

I was really wanting that pass so much, I put everything into each module and finished with an overall Distinction which I had never dreamt of.  

This has filled me with confidence as I now take on the Level 6 Diploma and really set me up for that next step. 

Whilst studying, I revised for the first exam whilst visiting my grandad in the hospital which was a challenge to stay focused. 

I then experienced the loss of my grandad and later some mental health issues as a result. 

ICS Learn were really supportive in this process and I was able to postpone one of my assignments and extend my membership by a couple of months. 

I am proud to have achieved what I did during this time and receiving the certificate meant so much more to me for this reason. 

I chose ICS Learn as I liked the idea of online study and the price was reasonable. As I was funding the course myself, I could spread the payments across 10 months which made a huge difference to me.

There was some opinion from friends that distance learning would be more difficult, however, this worked perfectly for me and my lifestyle and I had enough support from my tutors and course materials. 

I did find that tutors did vary in their approach as one of my tutors I did had to prompt for feedback, whereas another went above and beyond to be helpful and replies were instant. However, both provided the support I needed. 

I would definitely recommend ICS Learn, it was well structured, the staff were helpful and personable and the materials available were great with no need to purchase any additional books.


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