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ICS Real Stories: Alex | Online IGCSE Biology Review

Alex Jones

GCSE Biology

Alex Jones needed a GCSE qualification in a Science subject to pursue his dream of teaching. Here he reviews his journey of studying IGCSE Biology online to make this happen. 

Having decided to go for a career change and to begin a career in teaching, I came upon a stumbling block whereby I now required my GCSE in a Science. I wanted to get the qualification quickly, and I did not quite know the best route to do this.

At the time it was February 2018, and I ideally wanted to have sat the exam and obtained the grade by Summer 2018, so I could begin my teaching training application for Sept 2018.

 After doing some research, ICS Learn seemed like the best option. Other online learning providers did not have the same great reviews, and when making contact with other providers, some seemed shady and even unprofessional.

When I called ICS Learn to enquire, they were professional, gave me good advice on how to book my exams, the venues I can contact, the type of support I would receive, and the price was also very reasonable.

They initially gave me a 2-week trial period, but within the first few days I had decided to continue using ICS Learn because the content of the curriculum was rich and covered absolutely everything in great detail.

The personal tutor was also very friendly, highly responsive and gave feedback on any questions and concerns.

What was specifically useful was the fact that after each section and sub-section, there were small questions to test your knowledge on the subject area, and you can note your responses on your ICS Learn account and reflect back on it.

There are also exam questions once you have covered the whole section, which is then marked with feedback. In addition, there are two mock exams which you need to complete which is really good because it gives you an idea on how well you’re doing.

The tutor will leave really good feedback and is also happy to re-submit tests and remark it again if you want, so you can really track on how well you’re doing. The tutor must have sent me around 20 mock exams (and the marking schemes) to complete, and she is right: practice papers are the best way to revise!

I was only aiming for a C, and when completing the past papers, I was scoring on average high C’s to high B’s, and this morning I discovered I got an A*!

This is despite the fact I thought I had done awful in my exams, but my tutor was positive when I gave her my concerns, and she was right.

So, I would highly recommend using ICS Learn. I will now be completing my application to Teaching Direct, so I can begin my career in teaching. So many thanks to ICS Learn.

I was able to redo my whole Biology GCSE in the space of 4 months while working full time in a stressful job, and still scored an A*, and I have to say, I wouldn’t have got the same grade without the support of ICS Learn.



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