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ICS Real Stories: Adam | Online CIPD Level 5 Review

Adam Currie

CIPD Level 5

Adam Currie reviews his experience of studying the CIPD Level 5 Certificate in Learning and Development online and how this has expanded his existing knowledge and skills. 


Being relatively new to L&D, I decided that to compliment my strong practical skills I should strengthen my conceptual and theoretical understanding of HR and Learning & Development. 

I’d heard that the CIPD was the best qualification to go for, so I opted to take Level 5 Intermediate in L&D over the entry Level 3. I love a challenge!

I wanted to be able to go at my own pace and fit the work in around my free time, so I opted to go completely online. 

After a short period of research, ICS Learn looked to be able to meet my learning preferences.

Studying with ICS Learn was great. I really liked the way the modules were structured, and the instructions were easy to follow. 

The online classrooms were insightful, and some are recorded so you can access them whenever. The tutor support was good, and feedback was usually received in a timely manner.

The CIPD has helped me position my work with a greater awareness of my organisations objectives and has helped me to more clearly understand the skills, knowledge and behaviour needed of L&D professionals.

Currently I’m a 1-man team, so plans for the future - I’m looking to grow L&D into a department within my current organisation and develop my instructional design skills to provide our customers with industry-leading eLearning content.

For those that enjoy an online, self-paced learning experience I would recommend ICS Learn.

 There is a good student resource centre and the tutors are highly experienced – some practically and others academically; which helps tremendously.


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