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ICS Learn Case Study: Amazon | CIPD Courses

We met with three Amazonians to learn how online professional training with ICS Learn is helping them develop their skills, enhance their knowledge, and shape learning around their busy working lives.

These learners are using our prestigious online CIPD qualifications to improve their confidence in their current role while taking on new responsibilities.

All three would recommend our qualifications - find out why in their testimonials below.


Ioana Buna, Amazon Career Choice Ambassador

CIPD Level 3

I am studying the CIPD Level 3 Human Resources Diploma. I work in operations and I am also an instructor and coach in my process.

I chose to study with ICS Learn because my company is funding my course and as well because I can study online.

This is very helpful for me because it gives me freedom to choose a time when I want to study. I have the comfort of studying in my own house and I don’t have to travel to school.

Because I’m also working full-time, it’s important that I save that time by studying online.

I chose to study this field because I’m very passionate about working with people. I like to help people to solve their problems; to help them improve and grow.

I take my knowledge from the human resources course and I put it into what I do in my work. For example, when training people - I’ve learned about the different type of learners and the learning cycle. I think this benefits the entire organisation and the new hires that I train.

The tutors are very friendly and approachable; whenever I have a question I can talk to them online.

I would definitely recommend ICS Learn.


Jenny Cable, Senior HR Assistant

CIPD Level 5 


I had done a lot of research as I’d known for a long time which course I wanted to do. I had a look at a lot of the different providers and someone actually mentioned ICS Learn so I looked into them.

It stood out and looked like ICS Learn had a lot more to offer than some of the other providers in terms of flexibility.

I’ve got very limited time between my family and working nights so this was perfect for the free time that I had.

I chose to study online because it fits round my personal life perfectly, the balance between work and personal life was just right for what I need.

I’ve got a passion for learning and development; it’s my job and I love training people and seeing them progress, so a Level 5 Diploma was a natural choice for my studies.

The ICS Learn advisors talked me through the course, I’ve been in learning for about six years and they said that background would make Level 5 perfect for me.

The tutor support with ICS Learn is very good; they’re very prompt, professional and knowledgeable. If I’ve got anything that I’m a little bit unsure of, the tutors are always there.

My L&D qualification is helping me in my role as it’s giving me more knowledge about L&D and different aspects of learning and styles.

It’s helping me become a better trainer and helps me write better training programmes too.

The qualification is helping the business as it’s all about continuous improvement: the better I get the better it is for business. The people we’re bringing in are getting better training because of it.

The CIPD award is benefiting my future career because it’s world recognised, so I could go anywhere in the world with the qualification and work in the job.

I would definitely recommend ICS Learn to my friends and colleagues. It’s so easy and affordable to learn with them. It’s really good that my employer recognise ICS Learn as one of the top training providers for CIPD so it allows me to use a work voucher in my training.


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