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CIPD Student Stories: Dovilė Gavrilă | CIPD Level 5 Review



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Dovilė realised she had a passion for HR and soon decided to take on a CIPD Level 5 Diploma to kickstart her HR career. Here's how she got on! 

I had a chance to work in the field of supporting HR within my organisation in 2018 and soon after realised that it was something that I want to do long-term.

I had been looking at the courses available and came to the conclusion that ICS Learn suits my needs the best. As we currently live in a difficult time with the pandemic, the only way for me (and I am sure for a lot of others) is to study online.

I was a little skeptical of the online courses at the beginning, I thought I would be disengaged and the quality of learning wouldn't be great. I was completely wrong!

ICS Learn offers great tutor support and very informative and helpful study materials.

So far my experience with ICS Learn is great. It's exceeded my expectations and didn’t let me down. Also, I am able to work full time and study at my own pace as ICS Learn provides full flexibility on the learning.

I started my CIPD Level 5 Human Resource Management course a year ago, I am close to completing it and gaining my diploma. With every unit completed, I am getting more and more knowledge and experience.

Recently I was offered a promotion at my organisation, now I'm working as an HR Associate Partner.

The knowledge gained while studying with ICS Learn helps me at work every day. I'm not planning to stop where I am now and will continue to climb career steps further. Thanks to ICS Learn I can progress with my career goals.

I recommend ICS Learn for everyone who looks into gaining a new skill and pursuing their career goals while living your normal life like you are used to.

Due to the flexibility with online learning I'm not feeling like I need to alter my daily life too much, I still can do my usual things, work, and study.

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