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CIPD Student Stories: Kelly Moffat | CIPD Level 7 Review


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Kelly wanted to develop in her HR Advisor role and after a little research decided that studying a CIPD Level 7 Diploma online with us was her best way forward. Find out more below. 

I'm an HR Advisor at Lincolnshire County Council and I'm currently studying the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in HR Management.

I'm still fairly new to the course but so far I've been really impressed with what it has to offer.

I'm undertaking my course so that I can develop in my role and in the future having this qualification means that I'll be able to apply for more senior roles in the team.

I had a few training providers I could choose from for this course, I chose ICS Learn as they seemed to have the most experience of delivering online learning, and since Covid hit I knew that I would be doing as much as possible from home.

I was a little tentative about studying via online learning as I completed my MSc entirely online and found it very difficult as there wasn't a lot of support and the resources weren't great. I was using mostly PowerPoint slides and some PDF documents, no textbooks were provided and there were very few video lectures for me to access. 

I've been really impressed with the different resources that ICS Learn has provided to students and the amount of support available.

There are textbooks available for each module on the course and a lot of other reading material included so I have plenty to work from. The course can be completed in my own time and when I explained that I was dyslexic they were supportive and have given me additional time to complete my qualification if I need it.

Having easy access to a tutor who will get back to you quickly also makes studying a lot easier. I'm really enjoying the course so far and have found it very interesting.

I would recommend ICS Learn to anyone who is looking to develop in their career.

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