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CIPD Student Stories: Ben Singleton | CIPD Level 5 Review


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Ben wanted to achieve his career goals, but needed a CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HR to do so. Find out more about his learning journey with us below. 

My name is Ben and I studied for my CIPD with ICS Learn.

My current job title is HR Administrator, working for South Norfolk and Broadland Councils. This job required a professional qualification as per the person specification so achieving my CIPD from ICS learn was essential for me being successful in attaining this role. So really, I have ICS learn to thank for my current job.

The course I studied for was CIPD Level 5 Diploma, this was an intermediate level course covering the basics and some advanced knowledge relating to human resources and management. Topics involved employment law and business issues and HR context.

I chose to study this course as I believed it would allow me to progress with my career and gain valuable knowledge and skills to increase my employability prospects.

I wanted to make sure I was competent with the theory behind some of the more specific aspects of HR. I chose to learn with ICS learn as the flexibility and support that was offered was unrivaled. I was working full time whilst completing the course so allowing me to work at my own pace was really important.

Before beginning the course, I wasn’t sure about undertaking an online-only course as I had previously only completed in-person learning. However, when I began the course, I quickly realised that this was a really premium and optimum way of learning. Offering the best of both worlds and allowing for support and freedom.

The course was really informative offering a good split of handholding support and independent study and learning.

The resources that were provided were current and very interesting with a good variety. The tutors were all great, offering lots of support and advice when needed and were always very contactable.

My qualification, as mentioned, has helped me find employment and also build my confidence further. It has also given me a taste for professional development and an eagerness to complete ifurther studies.

I would highly recommend ICS Learn and I think anyone looking for some CPD or extra professional knowledge should sign up as quickly as possible.

ICS Learn offers the best option for anyone in or not in work and gives you everything you could want from a service provider.


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