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AAT Student Stories: Shumaila Mahmood | AAT Level 2 Review

By ICS Learn on 28 Jun 2021 Shumaila always wanted to start a career in accounting, and after taking on an AAT Level 2 Foundation qualification with us, she's well on her way! Read More

AAT Student Stories: Chloe Walsh | AAT Level 2 Review

By ICS Learn on 21 Jun 2021 Chloe decided to take on an AAT Level 2 Foundation qualification with us to help advance her accounting career. Read More

What Makes a Good Manager?

By Christopher Fear on 18 Jun 2021 What makes a good manager? We delve deeper into the specific traits, skills and behaviours that define a good manager from an average one. Read More

How to Get Promoted into Management

By Christopher Fear on 17 Jun 2021 Looking to develop your career and become a manager? Here are some simple tips to help you get promoted into management. Read More

Why Diversity in the Workplace Isn’t Just a Buzzword

By Christopher Fear on 16 Jun 2021 Diversity and inclusion is essential to running a modern organisation. Here's why diversity in the workplace isn't just a buzzword. Read More

How to be Inclusive to LGBT+ Employees All Year (Not Just Pride Month)

By Christopher Fear on 16 Jun 2021 How can HR professionals be inclusive to LGBTQ+ employees all year around – not just during Pride month? We had a closer look at some simple steps you can take. Read More

How Can HR Support Neurodiversity at Work?

By Megan McNeill on 16 Jun 2021 Many employers have made an effort to bring neurodiversity to the forefront, but there's still a ways to go. So, how can HR support neurodiversity at work? Read More

5 Ways to Get Management Experience (When You're Not a Manager)

By Megan McNeill on 16 Jun 2021 There are plenty of ways you can get management experience even when you’re not a manager - and we review them for you in this blog. Read More

7 Ways to Make Your Recruitment Processes More Inclusive

By Christopher Fear on 15 Jun 2021 Struggling to make your recruitment more diverse and inclusive? We had a deep dive into 7 of the best ways to make your recruitment processes more inclusive. Read More

CIPD Student Stories: Mark Burridge | CIPD Level 3, 5 & 7 Review

By ICS Learn on 14 Jun 2021 Mark enjoyed studying his CIPD Level 3 HR qualification with us so much, that he moved on to study his Level 5 and Level 7 qualifications online with us too! Read More