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CIPD Student Stories: Helen Guest | CIPD Level 3 Review


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Even with three children and a full-time job, Helen found time to study a CIPD Level 3 Certificate in HR. Find out more about her experience with us and where she is now! 

Who would have believed in November 2018 where I would be now?

Embarking on the CIPD Level 3 course has opened new doors and opportunities, it was only possible as ICS Learn was able to support me in completing it as an online option, and my employer Active Prospects believed in me.

Juggling three school-age children and a full-time support and HR Admin role meant the only hours left were those in the evenings, so I was very grateful this was possible for me to achieve.

My employer helped to fund the course by supporting me with 50% of the cost, I wasn’t given any time to study or time away from my role, but what they did do was permit me to use my work hours for course submissions such as delivering the L&D unit to people we support at work which was superbly beneficial as it opened my eyes to how much I enjoy and feel rewarded by training.

Fast forward to now, I have completed my AETS during the first lockdown (2020), I am an in house trainer with Active Prospects, I have developed training modules for people we support and our support staff, I am delivering training weekly to our existing staff and new inductees and am involved in the Infection prevention and control training across our organization as required. 

Surrey and Borders Partnerships have provided me and another colleague with the training necessary to train others, and I'm proud to say I am now also the Activities Manager.

With the skills I have developed in using Zoom for training, I am delivering regular workshops and interactive games and activities across an organization of 300 staff and 300 people we support (not all at once I might add!).

I have continued to learn and develop skills to benefit others, completed my BSL Level 1 over this second lockdown (!), and passed all three units. This gave me a chance to deliver a signed presentation at the launch of the Equity Diversity and Inclusion Policy at our organization, highlighting the necessity for the use of inclusive language, and educating others in the history of sign language.

I know the drive and commitment come from the person, but also the support of those around that person makes a huge difference to making achievements possible.

Thank you to all the tutors at ICS Learn, my Training Manager, and mentor, the Director of Care and CEO at Active Prospects and my family for supporting my endeavours to provide a better, fairer way for everyone to be enabled to succeed.

My three children saw me dedicated to learning, focused on an end goal, and have since told me they are very proud, and how much it helped them to focus on their respective exams (GCSEs, A’Levels and KATS) as they could see how much hard work pays off.

I’m so proud, I haven’t completed a university degree, and nor do I regret that but one is never too old to learn, so I’m pleased to have achieved a fair amount in the past 2 years.

Hopefully in time the dedication I have demonstrated, and the skills & knowledge I have gained and am able to share, will all be worthwhile.

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