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6 Podcasts Every L&D Professional Should Listen To


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These days there’s a podcast out there to cover just about any topic you could think of, so it comes as no surprise that there’s no shortage of podcasts specific to the people profession available for your listening pleasure too - but how do you possibly choose when there’s so many?

To help you narrow it down, we’ve compiled a list of seven of our favourite (and ever-popular) podcasts that are perfect if you’re a Learning & Development professional looking to keep your finger on the pulse and keep up with industry experts.



1. Good Practice Podcast

First up on the docket is the Good Practice Podcast from Emerald Works. This 45-minute weekly podcast is ideal for both L&D and HR professionals, featuring regular appearances from the Good Practice team along with loads of special guests ranging from training experts to CEOs.

The topics covered are exciting, broad, and relevant to the current working landscape, from compliance and apprenticeships to designing virtual classrooms and the impact of technology in the workplace.

We love the Good Practice Podcast, in particular, because it gets to the core of the topics that are most affecting L&D and HR communities, helping you gain key insights into today’s working world while encouraging you to apply those insights to your own daily practices.

2. Learning at Large 

Join host Simon Greany, CLO and founder of Elucidat, as he explores best practices and strategies that are being implemented in some of the world’s most lucrative organisations to help deliver large-scale learning programs.

Greany invites one or two guests a month to discuss delivering people-centered learning at scale - a challenging task for even the most seasoned people professionals and a big reason why we recommend taking a listen. Some key topics Learning at Large covers in their 20-minute episodes include:

  • Moving from transactional to meaningful learning
  • Why less is more when it comes to learning content, and
  • Designing learning for mega-impact

Another reason why we love this podcast is that every episode is released with a synopsis of key takeaways on the Elucidat website. These prove to be a great resource and a good way for people to recap what they’ve learned during each episode at a later date, empowering them to spark conversations that count among their own L&D communities at work.


3. If You Ask Betty

Betty Dannewitz is a breath of fresh air when hosting her weekly ‘If You Ask Betty’ podcast. As a seasoned L&D professional with seventeen years of experience, her mission is to help people become the best versions of themselves through high-performance coaching and development experiences.

Jam-packed with topics aimed at like-minded learning professionals looking to develop, Dannewitz regularly invites guest speakers on her podcast to discuss everything from innovative technology, workforce development, and stress management to diversity, inclusion, and equity (among many more).

It’s also worth mentioning that every Thursday Dannewitz holds an ‘Ask Betty’ day on her website where she invites those who listen to her podcast and read her blog to ask any L&D-related questions, posting her answers on social media to help people along.

4. Learn to Lead

This podcast hosted by Abilitie focuses on leading in the world of L&D, with a huge variety of guests ranging from authors, professors, artists, and business leaders participating in engaging discussions about their personal and professional development.

To accent these colourful guests and their motivating stories, the Learn to Lead podcast also largely focuses on how working professionals can lead teams more efficiently, how organisations can improve their approaches, and how these factors contribute to developing better leaders for tomorrow.

We’ve come to admire this podcast because not only does it highlight how leadership is a process, but it emphasizes that the journey that everyone must take when learning to lead is entirely unique (and inspiring!).


5. The Learning & Development Podcast

Hosted by David James, every episode of this fortnightly podcast is tailored specifically to L&D professionals.

James keeps his listeners engaged by inviting various guests on his podcast to discuss and debate topics that are directly impacting the people’s profession today. These topics include (but are not limited to),  ‘Actually Addressing Skills Gaps’, ‘Business Not as Usual’, and ‘Opportunities for L&D from the Current Crisis’. 

To give you some background, James has been in People Development for more than two decades. In that time, he was able to pick up a couple of prominent titles, including Director of Talent, Learning & OD for, none other than, The Walt Disney Company - working across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, exposing himself to a variety of best practices across many different countries.

To add, James was also the Chief Learning Strategist at Loop along with being a well-respected writer and speaker when it comes to modern and digital L&D. Oh, and he’s also an active member of the CIPD L&D Advisory Board, pretty impressive, right?

In other words, what you get from this podcast is an abundance of incredible insight, tips, tricks and chat from one of the industry’s all-stars - and, really, what more could you ask for?

6. Learning to Thrive

This podcast is a relatively new podcast, but one worth mentioning all the same! 

Learning to Thrive is about L&D in the digital age, a hot-topic that’s been heating up even more across the learning landscape since the pandemic began.

During these hour-long episodes hosted by Emily Walker, Founder of Learning Talent Marketplace, you’ll learn not only about leadership, behaviour change, and the power of mindset, but how these factors impact workplace cultures through L&D.

This podcast is a great listen because it’s focused on helping you spark change and improvement to help you and your team develop both professionally and personally in an ever-changing, tech-forward world.

We hope you’ll take the time to listen to one (or all!) of these great podcasts as they are a fun way to stay up-to-date with industry trends, gain new ideas and get inspired to further advance your organisation and career. 

For more must-listen podcasts of the people profession, take a look at The 5 Podcasts for HR Professionals here, including the original CIPD Podcast.

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