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Learn how Rebecca is using the coronavirus lockdown to advance her career in accountancy and bookkeeping by studying a AAT Foundation Certificate with ICS Learn.


My name is Rebecca Matthews and I decided to enroll with ICS in March 2020 when I was put on furlough from my current job as an office administrator for a window and door manufacturer.

Knowing that I had a few weeks ahead of me where I would be unable to work, I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to get back into my studies.


I have studied bookkeeping on and off for the past few years with other companies but I’ve never been able to keep up the motivation with distance learning; all that changed when I enrolled with ICS. It was recommended to me by my mum who is a qualified bookkeeper having studied with ICS 15 years ago, so I knew that they were a good company to invest in.



Being on furlough, I was initially concerned about the cost as I knew AAT was very highly regarded, and that was reflected in the fee, however, I spoke with my course advisor Katy and she was so helpful in making sure I found the right payment plan for my situation.

Studying during lockdown has been a unique experience and one which I would definitely recommend to anyone wondering whether to make the most of their time off.


During my previous studies, I was used to cramming in my learning after a day at work which left little time for relaxing, however, I now have the freedom to study at my own pace and the ICS course is structured in such a way that I can easily plan my days based on what I want to focus on. Some days I study for six hours, some days it's more like two, but every day that I sit down with my laptop, I know that I am making progress.



The ICS user interface is incredibly easy to use and most importantly for someone like myself who used to have trouble staying motivated, it’s really engaging. The units are broken down into manageable sections which feature quick quizzes throughout so you can keep track of your progress as well as an application at the end of the section to put your knowledge to the test. One of my favourite features is that I can reset my progress on each section so if there’s something I’m struggling with, I can easily go back and check my progress once I’ve done some more revision.


Since day one, my tutor Shelley has been brilliant! She’s so friendly and is always there to answer any queries I may have and I love that when I’m stuck on something, she will provide me with additional learning materials and questions rather than tell me the answers, it really motivates me to knuckle down and keep going until I figure it out for myself.



The flexibility of learning from home has had a massive, positive impact on my productivity levels and my mental wellbeing and I hope that one day, I can use this experience, along with my AAT qualifications to start my own business where myself and my employees have the freedom to work effectively from home as well as in the office as I believe that it will be the future of a lot of successful working environments.


If you are thinking about a change in career or bettering the one you already have, I can't speak highly enough of ICS. From their tutor support to their engaging and interactive learning portal, they have honed every aspect of home learning so that you can be sure you’re getting the best training and support as you progress.



There’s no better feeling than looking back on the progress you’ve made, knowing that you have put your time in lockdown to good use in working towards a better future.



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