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Lockdown Student Stories: Mani | CIPD Level 7


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Mani was able to complete the CIPD Level 7 Certificate in Human Resources in just 3 and a half months – something she puts firmly down to the support she received from ICS Learn when she was studying. Read more below. 

Lockdown has meant different things to different people.

To some it’s meant having to manage life completely differently, for others it’s been an opportunity to stay home, work from home and live a little more slowly. All of that is amplified if you have additional needs in day-to-day life. In February, I decided to pursue CIPD level 7 course so that I can showcase myself professionally into the HR world.

I was bit sceptical about enrolling on the course due to my work pressure and having to look after 9-year-old child at the same time.

When I spoke to the ICS advisor over the phone and sales advisor, I found them very helpful. They answered my query on time and gave me assurance that I will get lots of support.

They said if I was organised enough then I will be able to complete the course in next 9 months.

I enrolled myself to the course on 3rd Feb and in 3 weeks’ time I managed to pass my first module which was “Resource and Talent Management”. I took 3 weeks off from work and spent day in day out studying.

The course tutor was absolutely wonderful, and every time I emailed him about any question he was replying back instantly and arranged a call for me to go through the topics I was unsure of. I believe that was the only reason I managed to complete my 1st module just in 3 weeks.

Around 2nd week of March, I decided to start my second module and by that time we started hearing the news about the increasing number of Covid 19 cases in the UK and my employer asked us to work from home. That’s when I decided that I was going to make the best use of my time in lockdown. I was spending 2 hours every day travelling to work and doing the school run.

Saving extra 2 hours each day was an extra bonus for me in order to complete my course. I set out a clear plan for myself to utilise my time wisely so that I can work, study and home school my daughter.

I had a lot of challenges while I was studying as I found Employment law courses hard to process and there was a point I was thinking about withdrawing my name from this course. But I spoke to the tutor and she helped me a lot; she coherently explained exactly what I needed to do.

My tutor didn’t let me slip from the track and kept me focused and determined.

On 20th May, I passed all my modules, I am very proud that in the span of 3.5 months I have completed CIPD level 7 certificate course. It wouldn’t be possible without the endless help I was getting from the course tutors and being organised and focused myself. Now looking back on what I have accomplished over the past few months, it is truly remarkable.


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