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Lockdown Student Stories: Luciana | CIPD Level 5 Review


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Luciana wanted to do something beneficial with her time during lockdown, so she decided to study her CIPD Level 5 Diploma with us online to advance her career in the HR field.

I’m originally from Brazil, but I moved to London four years ago after I got married. My first job in London was as an HR administrator at Hilton Hotels, then I moved to Marriott Hotels when I took a job as an HR Coordinator.

I ended up leaving the HR field eight months ago when I got pregnant with my first baby.

Due to this and other circumstances, my partner and I moved to Kent and I began working as a casual nanny where I found the flexibility I need during my pregnancy.

Now, here I am 34 weeks pregnant, on lockdown in my home in Chatham, and I’m hoping the baby girl growing in my belly will survive the worst public-health crisis the world has seen in one hundred years.

My midwife has cancelled face-to-face appointments with me and the assistance I have been receiving has been phone calls only.

It has not been easy as I have now stopped working completely and my partner has been in and out of work during this pandemic being that he’s in engineering.

We have put together some emergency plans and stocked up on the food and medications we need in between monitoring local news for updates.

I know I’m not alone in this experience as there are other women navigating pregnancy during the coronavirus pandemic too, and we’re all worried and anxious with the health system being overwhelmed.  
The thought of giving birth in hospitals that are on lockdown where you have to be separated from family members is daunting.

I have plans to get back to the HR field in one year’s time when the baby is a bit older, so I decided that the time in self-isolation was the perfect time to develop myself and increase my knowledge in Human Resources.

I enrolled with ICS Learn to study the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in an aim to get the best out of my time in lockdown.

This way, when I apply for jobs again, I’ll be fully qualified for a managerial position with my newly earned diploma and the three years’ experience I already have.

I decided to join ICS Learn because it is a very well-known institution that's recognized all over the world, and they have great reviews on many platforms related to delivering flexible and easy learning experiences.

I also choose ICS Learn because they offered a very good payment plan that I could afford during the lockdown when income is very low.

I would like to thank ICS Learn for giving me the opportunity to join and I am looking forward to my learning journey!  

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