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Learn how Kira used her lockdown experience to go back to GCSE Biology study and start the next phase of her career on a post-graduate teacher training course. 

My name is Kira Naik and I am an 18 years old student at college studying health and social care. I have a part time job as a nursery practitioner and currently I have been furloughed since the end of March.

I have started Biology course with ICS Learn as I failed science at school, however to be able to get onto a postgraduate teacher training course, I require a GCSE in just science. My plan was to do the science GCSE in my first year of university which will start in September.

However, as I have finished my college course earlier than expected, I chose to enrol during lockdown to get used to the course and get through as much content as I can before September. This is so when I do start university, it will be easier to balance both courses. Enrolling with ICS Learn during lockdown has enabled me to get good use out of all my free time that I now have.

In addition to this, I have been able to have some form of structure to my day as I have needed to plan my day around my studying hours. Due to this, I have been able to spend most of my day studying, therefore allowing me to understand the content and settle into doing the course.

I believe that I have benefited the most out of starting the course within lockdown as it has allowed me to pay full attention to my course and adjust back to revising for an exam as my college course is all course work based. I have been able to contact my tutor easily during lockdown and receive all the information to any queries that I may have.

If needed, my tutor has been easily accessible, responding within 24 hours, and scheduled calls according to my availability. Along with this, I have found that the student community website is easy to use and I have been able to access information that I have needed there.

My plan for the future is to hopefully become a teacher within a special needs school after my undergraduate degree, I will be doing a postgraduate teacher training degree hence why I am needing to do a GCSE in biology, to be able to become a teacher.

The qualification that I will be gaining from ICS Learn will give me the ability to pursue what I would like to do in the future which is to make a difference in children's lives. I would recommend ICS learn to others if they want to study during lockdown as I believe that ICS makes it as easy as possible to gain the qualification that you want.

This is through a number of ways starting with the constant support that ICS gives you whether it is through the tutor or the websites or the call helpline. Another reason why I would recommend ICS to others, because it allows me to study around my schedule and allows me to study at my own pace.

The courses at ICS Learn also structures their courses very clearly, giving me the ability to study and learn effectively.

Overall, I believe that ICS learn has supported me to achieve studying to my best ability and due to this, I recommend ICS learn to those that would like to study and gain a qualification in lockdown.

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