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I’m 27 years old, from Mid Wales, and I’m currently studying for my A Level Mathematics with ICS Learn.

I always enjoyed Maths in school, it was one of my favourite subjects and I did really well in my GCSE Maths. However, timetable clashes (and some silly decisions on my part!) meant that I was unable to carry on studying maths to A Level.

I was also unsure of the career path I wanted to pursue post-education, so I chose not to go to university and instead got a job as a teaching assistant at a local school.

My time working in schools has led me to have a real appreciation for education, children, and the work that teachers do.

In 2015 I began studying for a BA in Inclusive Education at the University of Wales,and I graduated with first-class honours in July 2019.

Although studying alongside working was difficult at times, I really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait for my next challenge.

I had looked into doing my PGCE, but I soon realised that the only subject I had any real passion for teaching was Maths and I would need to obtain my A-Level Maths before completing my PGCE.

When lockdown was announced, and schools were closed I realised that I would now have more time on my hands to finally get my A-Level!

I researched different companies I could study with and found the support offered by ICS Learn was head and shoulders above anything else on the market.

I signed up for the course on the first day of lockdown and that was it – I was officially a student once again!

I am now working Unit 2 of the course having completed my first assessment last week. The support from the tutors is fantastic.

I have emailed my personal tutor, Kirsten, with various questions and always get a prompt, helpful response. She has made it clear that no question is too small and I really feel she wants me to succeed.

The online tutorials included with the course materials are also invaluable, especially the online webinars.

Hearing the in-house maths teacher, Melissa, talk through examples, and being able to interact with her is just like being in a classroom with a really knowledgeable teacher.

I am still working from home; completing courses, contacting children to give them support with homework, and preparing resources and displays for when the school is open again. However, not being able to go out to meet friends or do hobbies means I have a lot more free time.

Studying during lockdown has given my days a real sense of purpose and working on my A Level in my free time allows me to structure my day in a way that makes me feel very productive.

I’m sure that completing my A Level will expand my knowledge and allow me to provide more effective support to children while working as a teaching assistant.

It also makes it possible for me to take the next step in achieving my goal of becoming a maths teacher in the future.

I would really recommend ICS learn to anyone looking for something productive to do during lockdown.

The course materials are fantastic and the tutors are really supportive. The flexibility of the course means I can pick it up whenever I have the time and it fits in perfectly around my work from home schedule.

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