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Lockdown Student Stories: Jennifer | A Level Maths


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Find out why Jennifer Artingstall decided to upskill and advance her career by studying A Level Maths online with ICS Learn during lockdown.

When the current COVID-19 pandemic started I was sent home from work.

I work as an LSA in a local college, and since my manager was aware of my health condition, she asked me to work from home as she was concerned that I might become ill.

I had a discussion with my manager before I was sent home, and how I have really enjoyed supporting students in GCSE Maths this year, and what next year could bring.

She suggested that whilst I was at home, I look at some courses that might help for next year.

I looked online and I decided to start studying A Level Maths, mainly to keep my brain active.

I’m very pleased that I took this opportunity as I got the government letter to self-isolate and have been unable to go out at all.

I chose ICS Learn because the price seemed reasonable and I knew that they had a good reputation.

After speaking with ICS Learn on the phone, they explained how they’d support me whilst studying and it ended up being a no brainer – I signed up straight away.

I have already sought support from the maths teacher who emailed me back quickly with a good step by step explanation.

I have enjoyed studying as it has helped me have a sense of purpose during lockdown, even though sometimes I have been stuck on questions for what seems like hours.

I also now know how my students feel when they are struggling to understand something and how frustrating this can be.

I try to fit in a few hours of studying each day, and I find it good being able to study at your own pace as I don’t think going to classes would work for me now as I need to keep going over things again and again.

I may be going slower than others but it's right for me.

Once I have completed my A Level – if not before – I want to be a private tutor for maths up to the GCSE level.

My manager encourages me every step of the way and always asks at meetings how I’m getting on. I feel very supported and it’s been a lifesaver during self-isolation.

I would definitely recommend ICS Learn to others in lockdown. This is the perfect opportunity to improve your career and your knowledge.

By giving yourself something to focus on it helps you think of the future and not all the things you are missing out on at the moment.

The support I have received so far on my course has been amazing.

Thanks, ICS Learn!

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