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Lockdown Student Stories: Geraldine | A Level Sociology


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Learn why Geraldine decided to enhance her learning career and upskill by studying A Level Sociology online with ICS Learn while in-between jobs. 

Prior to Covid-19, I was working in the City of London as a Personal Assistant on a 12-month maternity contract.  The contract was for 12 months and ended in March, and the girl I was replacing was due to return shortly.  

When she returned to work, after only a couple of hours she was apparently sent home and subsequently furloughed, whilst I was left at home feeling pretty nervous that I was unlikely to get anything else anytime soon. 

Then the worst, but the most anticipated thing happened. 

About a week later, we went into lockdown! Two months in, I’m still unemployed but not on furlough because I had no job to be furloughed from, so I’m currently receiving benefits.

I have given up on applying for jobs as a lot of the posts on the job sites have not been updated since before lockdown.

I realised after a while that I should use this time I have as an opportunity to upskill.  

I’ve been training to be a life coach for the past two years and I have recently undertaken some basic skills courses in Counselling, with a view to continuing to the next level in September, so it seemed a good idea to use this time now to supplement my learning. 

I have studied with the ICS Learn before and so I decided to enrol in an A level Sociology course. I have found studying in lockdown fine. If anything, it’s better because there are fewer distractions. 

Everything is online now which makes it so much easier.  I tend to read the text and then make notes and do the activities. 

I have so much more time now to dedicate to my studies and it has really improved my focus and discipline. The course is very interesting, and the tutors have been very responsive.

I’m hoping that the A Level Sociology course will tie in with my counselling and coaching studies and, if not, then perhaps it will help provide me with a more well-rounded understanding of people when I continue with my next counselling course.

I would definitely recommend ICS Learn to study a qualification during lockdown because they not only have a wide and varied range of subjects to learn, but they are also reasonably priced in comparison to other online learning providers. Not to mention, their resources are great. 

To add, their whole model since the day they started out has been distance learning, so they have been doing this a long time and are therefore not phased by a lockdown.

Are you like Geraldine and looking to do something with your time at home while you wait for lockdown to ease? Learn more and study an A Level qualification with us 100% online. 


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