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Lockdown Student Stories: Georgiana | CIPD Level 5 Diploma (L&D)


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Discover how Georgiana used the coronavirus pandemic to study a fully online CIPD Level 5 qualification in Learning and Development and add structure to her career development plans.

My name is Georgiana and I am working as a Training and Development Coordinator at ICS-digital, a digital content market agency based in Leeds.

Since the coronavirus, the entire office is currently working from home. It was a coincidence that the coronavirus situation happened at the same time when I decided to enroll.

I started to work with people and in the training filed last year in June. I have tried many online courses about people management, HR, development etc. but I felt the information was not sticking with me. Everything I was reading was interesting, however, that was it. I felt I was not applying it anywhere. I knew I wanted something more structured that could motivate me.

I find out about the CIPD qualification and I thought it would be too expensive to do a course, however after a few month of serious thinking I decided to go ahead and enroll. I read many reviews and I spoke with people that already did a similar course and this helped me a lot with my decision.

I chose ICS as it was the only company that helped me to find the right level for me. I have had time to dedicate more time to the reading and feel I have more energy to study (It will be interesting to see if I can keep the same pace, once I will be back in the office).

The course is very demanding, I was about to give up at some point but I decided I enjoy it too much to give up so I carried on. The tutor is very handy and helped me so far.

My future plan is to obtain the Level 5 Diploma Qualification and continue working in Learning and Development, while obtaining more information.

This qualification will definitely help me with my future plans as I am already applying some of the information learnt in my current job.

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