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5 Ways to Spread Positivity Through Marketing



With the world filled with negativity at the moment, it's a great time to spread some positivity with your next marketing campaign. In this article, Bridie Gallagher, Director at digital marketing agency Glass Digital, shares her top five tips for doing just that.

Thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, it's more difficult than ever to find positive news in the world — more than half of Brits (55%) say they're finding it hard to stay positive on a day-to-day basis (Ipsos). With this in mind, why not make it your mission to spread some optimism through your brand's message?

There are plenty of reasons for creating a campaign centred on positivity. Not only will you be giving customers a nice boost, but it's also great for your brand image and recognition. When people see you trying to do good, you're more likely to win loyalty as they look to buy your products and seek your services. To get started, here are my top five tips for spreading positivity through marketing.

1. Find ways to give something back

From fashion labels manufacturing PPE to suppliers donating hand sanitiser, it's been hard to miss the good work companies are doing to help ease the crisis. These brands are giving something back while winning some great publicity from their amazing generosity. So, if there is any way you think you can contribute, give it a go! Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you share it with your customer base with plenty of photos and, if possible, upbeat quotes from all those involved.

2. Highlight positive news stories

I'm sure you've seen the negative news that dominates the headlines at the moment, so why not give your brand's messaging a sunnier outlook, with only positive stories allowed. This way your customers will be sure to associate your brand as being a haven of optimism and will probably end up looking forward to your next update.

Remember, all of your positive news stories don't need to be specifically about your brand. This means that if you see a nice development elsewhere, feel free to share it. Whether it's a partner firm doing good, a customer sharing a nice thought, or something happening in the community, be sure to feature it front and centre in your messaging.

3. Provide certainty in uncertain times

With so much uncertainty at the minute, it's not surprising that people find themselves feeling easily overwhelmed. However, you can do your bit by giving your customers the certainty they need when they are seeking out your brand. This means making sure they can access key information about how your business is functioning in the crisis, including your opening times, deliveries, and returns. Make sure this guidance is available up front on your website and be sure to share any updates with your customer base as soon as possible.

4. Engage positively on social media

For your brand, social media is likely to be the foremost place you engage with your customers, so you should take extra care that your interactions are helpful and understanding in these difficult times. After all, if someone has a positive experience with your firm on social media, they’re more likely to think of you next time around. So, if someone leaves a comment, be sure to say a heartfelt thank you, or if someone contacts you with a complaint, try to be as accommodating as you can.

5. Reward customer loyalty during the crisis

With the crisis having a financial impact on the public and businesses alike, customers who choose to buy your products or use your services are more valuable than ever before. And, because customer loyalty will prove essential to success during this period, you should try to reward those that choose to spend their money with you — provided you are in a safe position to do so, of course.

You can show appreciation to your customers by allowing them access to some perks, such as flash sales, discount codes, or free delivery. It's also a good idea to let the wider public know about these offers, as they may see this as a great reason to patronise your business. You might just win a few extra clients with your good will.

Consider my five tips and put them into action to boost your marketing campaign with some positivity in this difficult period. Your customers are sure to remember your contribution!

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