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The 9 Best HR Blogs to Read in 2020



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HR plays a vital role in developing an organisation’s business strategy and managing its employees, but with the vast amount of HR content floating around out there, it can be hard to narrow down what essential material you should be reading to keep you updated and informed on industry trends.  

To save you some of the legwork, we’ve narrowed down the 9 best HR blogs to read in 2020 that will educate, inspire, and motivate you – making them well worth your while.




1. The HR Capitalist

Armed with the philosophy that ‘the best talent wins’, a little humour, and a genuine love for the art of human resources, Kris Dunn’s blog, ‘The HR Capitalist’, makes for a great read on a variety of HR topics.

Dunn says that the key to a great business is great people, but that it’s HR’s job to ‘do cool stuff’ to maximise employee motivation and performance once they’re hired to encourage a sense of community.  

We love Dunn’s blog because he is by far one of the most transparent HR professionals in the industry, providing straightforward, engaging information that HR professionals need to turn strategy into action.  

Fun fact: Dunn is also the founder of another blog called ‘Fistful of Talent’, which we also review here.

Our pick: You Think Your Work Enemy Has Declared War: She Just Thinks It’s Thursday…

2. The Undercover Recruiter

Employee recruitment, turnover, and retention are all hot topics for HR  within every organisation – today and always – and companies have to take advantage of the tools at their disposal to make the best hiring decisions for their business.

This is where ‘The Undercover Recruiter’ comes in, offering a varied perspective of tips for recruiters, HR managers, and even job seekers.

Their blogs provide in-depth insight into each role in the recruiting process, as well as information on industry trends, best practices, interview techniques – and so much more.

Our pick: How the Pandemic Has Dramatically Shifted Candidate Attitudes

3. HR Magazine

Combining strategic HR, operational efficiency, and personal development, HR Magazine has a well-rounded collection of HR content by many incredible writers.

Every day there are multiple relevant and insightful blog posts uploaded to keep HR and business leaders engaged and up to date. 

What separates HR Magazine from many other blogs is the obvious passion, personality, and honesty in every post. The result is powerful and meaningful, as each blog post makes you feel like you’re as close as you can be to sitting down for a warm cup of tea with a prominent HR professional.

Our pick: How to Create a Diversity Strategy That Delivers



4. Workology

A one-stop shop for all things HR and digital resources, the Workology blog has been recognised as a prominent HR resource by Forbes, The Economist, and the Society for Human Resource Management – among others.

As a destination for workplace leaders to discuss every HR trend from recruitment to case studies, Workology’s community is designed for those HR and business professionals who are sick of current HR norms and are eager to transform the working world for the better.

Featuring a collection of posts from more than one hundred published writers, you have access to timely advice for navigating your role in the HR field and enhancing your industry-related skills.

Our pick: Workplace Communication is Essential for All Employees During a Crisis

5. Everyday People

If you’re looking for a down-to-earth, wholesome HR blog then you’ll find it in Everyday People.

From general HR subjects to HR strategy and leadership-specific topics, this blog has something for everyone in the HR and business industries.

Lead by long-time HR professional, Steve Browne, you’ll become immersed in his use of real-world examples to illustrate the points he makes in his writing – highlighting his ever-honest approach to HR and how to properly implement people and workplace management strategies.

This blog will make you feel like you’re learning from not only a great mentor, but a great friend as well.

Our pick: Carry On

6. TINYPulse

Geared towards HR professionals, executives, and middle managers, TINYPulse provides information on topics like company culture and employee engagement while promoting positivity and transparency within the HR industry. 

The coolest thing about this blog, however, is that it offers information and advice that readers can actually take advantage of and put into practice, allowing them to effectively help their organisation in practical ways.  

But we’re not done yet!

An added bonus to TINYPulse is that this blog truly has a sense of humour – poking fun at popular culture and discussing topics that other HR blogs might be a little apprehensive to cover, making it all the more appealing.

Our pick: 25 Fun Ways to Thank Your Team



7. Women of HR

Run by a group of female HR professionals, Women of HR is dedicated to representing and developing women in HR and business roles.

On a night full of engaging conversation, a lot of laughter, and a few pomegranate martinis, this group of women suddenly realised that there wasn’t a platform geared specifically toward women in HR and – being the leaders they are – decided to create one themselves.  

Their blog has quickly become a leading forum where women in the HR industry can gain access to relative industry information and discuss workplace and real-world issues and the impacts of those issues on their lives.

We love this blog because it creates a true sense of community and alliance among professional working women, making readers feel like they’re supported from the get-go.

Our pick: Is Your Company Recognising ‘Her’ Enough?

8. The Chief Happiness Officer

Created by a leading expert on happiness in the workplace, Alexander Kjerulf runs his blog, ‘The Chief Happiness Officer’ with one aim: to improve employee workplace experience and attitudes.

A Chief Happiness Officer manages employee happiness within an organisation, and while it might sound like an almost amusing concept for a job role, the happiness of an employee is a major factor in business success, and it needs to be properly managed.  

By incorporating videos with loads of unique and positive content, Kjerulf’s blog stands out in its light-hearted yet informative nature, bringing a smile to your face as you watch and read.

Our pick: Happiness at Work in the Time of Corona – Back to Basics

9. Natalie Ellis HR  

The blog so nice, we’ve mentioned it twice!

Natalie Ellis, founder and curator of ‘Natalie Ellis HR’, is an HR expert and enthusiast as well as a frequent speaker at HR-focused events and conferences – and really, she’s just an all-around absolute lady boss.

By using her online platform to showcase what it means to make a positive and booming impact in the HR industry, Ellis’ blogs zero in on everything from ‘spreading kindness like confetti’ to how the BLM movement can make for a happier, more inclusive workplace. Every read is refreshing and insightful and inspires you to be a better person both in and out of the office.

Give her blog a read, we guarantee you won’t regret it.

Our pick: How the BLM ‘Fed-Up-Rising’ Can Spark a More Inclusive, Happier, Healthier Workplace



While we’ve given you a comprehensive and varied list of our favourite HR blogs to read in 2020, there’s new and exciting HR content being published daily. So, keep yourself well-informed as best you can to help develop your skills and career on every level.

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