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By working in a generalist role, Sarah found her passion for HR. She wanted to pursue an HR career and enrolled on a CIPD qualification to make it happen.


I am currently studying for my CIPD Level 5 HR Intermediate Diploma with ICS Learn and will be studying this alongside my new role.

I previously worked as an Operations Manager where the majority of my role was to manage a range of HR generalist issues.

After being in this role for 4 years, I soon appreciated my passion for HR and made the decision to leave that role to be able to apply the relevant focus needed on my CIPD.

Researching the course details was really easy to do, and I confirmed my understanding by talking to an ICS Learn representative which was an informative and pleasant conversation.

With ICS Learn allowing a flexible approach to learning and the assignments, I knew this would be the right provider for me, as I could increase my studying before I started my new role and could then adapt my learning time as required.

After speaking with ICS Learn, I quickly decided to start my learning as I could enrol at any point and was offered support from day 1 from my tutor.

My experience over the last 3 months has been fantastic and round the clock, truly reflecting the flexible nature of ICS Learn.

Now in my new role, I plan to complete my CIPD Level 5 in 2020, and then move on to the Level 7 diploma afterwards.

I am fortunate to be with an employer who is supportive of my learning, and we have already discussed the opportunity to complete the level 7 when I am ready.

I would not choose another provider other than ICS Learn, as I have access to all the support I would want.

Having a varied diary, the flexibility really works for me as I can flex my workload around my job.

I can also easily relate my work experiences to my learning and am thoroughly enjoying applying my focus to my passion.


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