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IGCSE Student Stories: Costina | IGCSE English Language Review


Costina wanted to improve her knowledge and face her fears so she studied an IGCSE English Language with ICS Learn. Here's how she got on.  

My experience with ICS Learn has been amazing. Are you ready to hear it? Will you believe it? Should I start now?

Around the end of August, I was looking for a college which could help me in my studies but it was difficult for me to learn that way. My mother-in-law and my husband went online and saw many courses.

Considering results and reviews they chose ICS Learn. The course started and there was no going back. During the learning process, there are so many teachers who are there just to help students.

There was an English teacher, Ross Docherty for live sessions, and my English tutor Ingrid Beattie who worked together to make my study successful.

My tutor has always been connected when I have problems. Additionally she kept her feedback respectful and clear which was amazing.

As the exams were cancelled I was stressed, not knowing what would happen, but after telling her my worries, things were good.

She encouraged me to keep studying and learn new things and I did so. Before and after the remote assessment, she was there to tell me not to panic and stay positive. She called me and we had a discussion which made me feel extremely fine about the results.

During the waiting period, I have been studying while hoping for a grade 5 but a 6 was going to be wonderful and a 4 was going to disappoint me a lot.

As I read the email with the results, I felt good and I appreciated the whole team of ICS Learn.

My family and I are fine with the grade I got and I would love to pass many thanks to everyone who contributed to make my study successful.

I am looking forward to study more subjects until my A levels with ICS Learn.

If things go well, I would love to start sciences as soon as possible, whilst studying maths, as the exams are coming closer.

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