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ICS Real Stories: Katharine | CIPD Level 3 Review


As a Group Office Manager, Katharine found that her role evolved to include HR. She’s studying a CIPD qualification with us to refine her skills.


I’m currently studying my CIPD Level 3 Foundation course with ICS Learn whilst working as Group Office Manager for a national Care Home Management company.

Since joining the company, I have begun to undertake more and more responsibilities that fall under the HR/L&D umbrella and after discussions with Management, felt that studying for a formal qualification would be beneficial to my role in supporting the business.

I began to look at the options and discussing these with the relevant companies.

Straightaway, I found ICS Learn to have the best communication and the gentleman I was speaking to was really friendly and explained the whole process thoroughly.

Having finished my formal studying a number of years ago, the initial thought of distance learning made me feel a little uneasy but after my discussions with ICS Learn, I began to understand the process and all of the support that would be offered along the way.

I’m about a quarter of the way through my studying but so far, it’s been a really good experience.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but each tutor I’ve had so far has been really easy to contact, happy to help and given me great advice and support.

The webinars are so useful and important and make the whole process of completing each assignment much less stressful.

As my role develops, I expect to be undertaking and managing more HR/L&D duties and am sure that the studying I am doing with ICS Learn will really compliment this and help me to understand the processes and what is expected of me for each duty.

I’d highly recommend ICS Learn to anyone in a similar situation to myself, beginning to manage/assist with HR duties in the workplace.

The support levels are great, and the tutors are all really knowledgeable and so helpful!

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