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The 10 Must-Read Marketing Articles From This Year



Marketing blogs are hives of innovation, research and news.

Over the last year, we’ve seen a multitude of changes from social media platforms, search engines and consumers themselves. It's essential for marketers to continue to educate themselves and experiment with new strategies to deliver better results. 

Don’t miss out on these must-read marketing articles from 2019. Delve into each to refine your marketing knowledge and give your organisation the edge.




Harvard Business Review: A Study of 597 Logos Shows Which Kind Is Most Effective

While many decisions about design are subjective, Harvard Business Review have conducted excellent research that aims to give quantitative analysis into the process.

Their research studied the link between logo design and brand equity over 597 companies, using key characteristics to class logos. This boiled down the intangible aspects that we associate with positive logos into coded outcomes.

They found that descriptive logos had power but only in certain scenarios. These logos include ones such as Burger King’s, which show a visual representation of the product within the logo.

This is a must read for any marketers involved in branding or design, as it can give you actionable information to use in your role.


Think with Google: More Relevant Ad Headlines Boost Efficiency and Clicks for TalkTalk

Ad headlines can prove to be tricky for many marketers, with limited characters and the intricacies of PPC proving problematic. Think with Google published this case study on their blog to help marketers get more from their PPC budget.

This case study follows the marketing campaigns of communications company TalkTalk. They edited ad headlines to increase quality scores and relevance, therefore decreasing the cost per click. This dynamic campaign put the PPC platform through its paces in order to gain a competitive advantage.

The case study is presented well, with step-by-step information on how the brand achieved these results. If you want to refine your PPC knowledge and get more for your money with the search engine, this article is a great place to start.


Ahrefs: 11 Actionable SEO Techniques For More Organic Traffic in 2019

In terms of marketing blogs, Ahrefs are one of the best for giving universal advice that almost any marketer can use. Their blogs tend to be instructional and marketers can go through the process they outline to drive change and results.

This blog is no exception, giving you rapid-fire tips to improve site SEO without any in-depth knowledge. With so many marketing blogs offering vague platitudes and advice, this kind of content is a breath of fresh air.

They take you through 11 SEO tactics that are simple to follow, yet easily missed by most marketers. From creating internal link silos to snapping up featured snippets, these can boost your visibility within organic search and drive more traffic without investment.




Backlinko: We Analyzed 912 Million Blog Posts. Here’s What We Learned About Content Marketing

Big data is incredibly interesting, but many marketers don’t have access to relevant data on this scale. Thankfully, Backlinko and BuzzSumo teamed up to draw insights from a whopping 912 million blog posts to share with their loyal readers.

This blog is structured well, taking you from the quick key insights to the methodology and more subtle points. They found that simple changes, such as phrasing a title as a question or wording content as a list, can boost visibility drastically.

Content writers and editors can take note of these statistics to create sharable, popular content. This research can form the basis of a new content strategy, as you test whether this research is applicable in your niche.


Hubspot: How to Host a Twitter Chat That Connects with Your Audience

Many marketers see other brands undertaking fantastic community management initiatives, but don’t know how to transpose these onto their own brand.

If you’ve been watching other brands creating Twitter chats and furthering their reach, then you can use this article from Hubspot to replicate this.

This is a quick read and it even provides a simple checklist for you to follow. While beginning a Twitter chat is simple, planning an effective, popular Twitter chat is a different story entirely. Experimenting with organic Twitter chats has brought amazing results for brands, with minimal investment required.

Testing out this new social media strategy can engage your audience and bring a flock of new followers for your brand.


Content Marketing Institute: How to Create a Branded Podcast That Doesn’t Suck

Podcasts have exploded onto the scene, going from niche to mainstream within a few short years. Nowadays, many brands want to get their slice of this audience. However, we see many branded podcasts becoming no more than a long advert, garnering no engagement and fizzling out.

In this article, the Content Marketing Institute will teach you how to set a branded podcast up for success. They cover how to select a host, creating quality content, attracting an audience and, ultimately, how to turn these listeners into customers.

These audio productions can represent a significant investment for a brand, so marketers must get this right from the get-go. This is a thought-provoking article for any marketer that intends to launch a podcast - it could even be the difference between success and failure for your new podcast venture.




MailChimp: How a Lifestyle Brand Makes Lasting Connections with Welcome Emails

You may be sending out welcome emails to new customers on your site, but are they engaging your customers? Automated welcome emails are often seen as a prerequisite but not all marketers use these to their best advantage.

As the authority on email marketing, MailChimp share brilliant tips and helpful articles on their blog. This case study shows you how to make your welcome email work for you and create a series of introductory emails, designed to engage and entice.

The study follows a lifestyle brand, who reinvented and segmented their welcome emails to achieve lasting connections with their customers.

They increased sales and open rates by adding two new emails to the sequence. They also send a follow up email to customers that have abandoned their baskets, with a voucher to bring them back to the site.

Use this article to supercharge your email marketing and examine what your welcome email is doing for your brand.


Social Media Today: 25 of the Best, Free Keyword Research Tools (2019 Edition)

Creating content that ranks well in search engines is a complex process, and it all starts with research. Finding popular, relevant keywords should be a cornerstone of any content strategy to ensure that your excellent content can bring in as much traffic as possible.

This article is filled with free keyword research resources, so you can get the low down of what your target audience is searching for. They’re ranked and rated by the experts, giving you the chance to quickly ascertain which is best for your needs.

The tools are grouped into similar categories and readers can quickly pick out options that may be useful. As they’re all free, you can try out a variety of them without breaking the bank.


Hotjar: Psychographics and Personas – How to get to the Truth About Why People Buy

Consumer psychology is an incredibly interesting area of marketing and understanding this can help you to leverage more conversions. Investigate buyer behaviour and apply the research to your own marketing practices with this article from Hotjar.

They help marketers to understand psychographics, which is a methodology that helps marketers to understand various characteristics about consumers such as values, desires, lifestyles and interests. By combining psychographics with demographics and factoring in buyer behaviour, you can create marketing campaigns that speak to your target market.

This article will take you from definition to application, creating real buyer personas that you can use to your advantage.




Mention: 6 Ideas to Repurpose Your Content that Require Fewer Efforts

Reusing marketing content and campaigns is common, but there is an art to keeping this fresh over time. This blog will teach you how to take current content and turn it into social media gold for your followers.

Preserving resources by reusing and tailoring existing content to suit new trends is a smart strategy. While you may not have the resources to write a blog for each trend, you can often find elements of these trends in existing content.

Mention’s blog recommends everything from user-generated content to collaboration to keep your content fresh. Use these strategies to revitalise the existing content that you have on your site and give your best content a chance to shine once more.


These are our top marketing picks for 2019 but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Innovation in the marketing community is thriving and there are many other blogs well worth your attention.


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