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The CIPD is the world's largest HR and L&D professional body. Its members can enjoy a whole host of benefits that will help them as they advance their career.

If you’ve been browsing HR and L&D job vacancies recently you may have noticed that the most common prerequisite for candidates is a CIPD qualification. Even just stating the fact that you’re studying towards one on your CV can help you get a job - just ask our student Jae.  

The reason they’re so often requested by employers is that the CIPD is internationally recognised as the gold standard in HR and L&D. As well as offering top quality qualifications, the CIPD supports its 150,000 members as they progress in their careers.

Here are the top benefits of CIPD membership that are designed to help take your career to the next level. 


Access to quality resources

As a member, you can access the mountain of resources that make up the CIPD Knowledge Hub. This online library has factsheets and guides on key topics like Employment Law, Learning and Development and Reward Strategy.

You’ll also be able to study the latest CIPD research on issues affecting the world of work. If that’s still not enough research for you, you can browse over 200 HR/L&D and business journals via the EBSCO Discovery Service.

Plus, if you need tools or templates you can easily access the customisable model documents and policies provided on the CIPD’s HR-inform site.

These high-quality resources are available to you from day one of your membership and will support you at every stage of your HR career.




Professional credibility

Being a member of the CIPD is something that you can be proud of. Within the HR and L&D professions, it’s a mark of professional credibility and high standards.

Depending on what type of member you are, you can add certain designatory letters to your name on your CV, LinkedIn profile and anywhere else you want to proudly display it.

Associate Member: ‘Assoc CIPD’

While you are studying a CIPD-approved course, you’ll be considered a ‘Student Member’. Once you complete a CIPD Certificate or Diploma course at any level (Level 3, 5 or 7), your Student Membership will automatically become an Associate Membership.

Chartered Member: ‘Chartered MCIPD’

To become a Chartered Member, you must earn a Level 7 Advanced Diploma or equivalent degree and then demonstrate your success working at that level for at least 12-18 months.

Chartered Fellow: ‘Chartered FCIPD’

The most prestigious designation available through the CIPD, a Chartered Fellow is highly skilled, experienced and specialised. To become one, you must have a Level 7 Advanced Diploma or equivalent degree as well as at least three years of proven success in an HR role.

Depending on your HR experience and qualifications, you may also gain CIPD membership through a rigorous experience assessment.




More career prospects

As we’ve mentioned, many HR and L&D job adverts specify a CIPD qualification as a prerequisite for the role. So, being CIPD-qualified will open up a wider range of opportunities to you when you’re searching for your next role.

To show you how CIPD qualifications and membership can help your career advancement, we conducted a survey of our CIPD graduates. We found that less than 2 years after graduation:

  1. 92% were working in HR or L&D
  2. The number working in mid-level HR roles increased from 23% to 49%
  3. The number working in senior HR roles increased from 2% to 10%
  4. 74% said CIPD has played a vital role in their career advancement


You’ll also be able to use the CIPD Career Hub which is a fantastic platform that’s packed with the resources and tools you need to advance your HR or L&D career.



Higher earning potential

CIPD membership gives you more bargaining power when it comes to negotiating salaries. It demonstrates to employers that you meet the high standards of the CIPD and have the skills and experience required to excel in more senior positions.

Don’t just take our word for it; in the same survey of our CIPD graduates we found that:

  1. 3 out of 5 said their salary had increased
  2. 78% said their earning potential had increased
  3. The number earning between £30k and £40k almost doubled from 16% to 27%
  4. The number earning between £40k and £50k more than doubled from 6% to 14%




Networking and events

In the HR and L&D professions, having a broad professional network is a huge asset to your career and CIPD membership allows you to grow your network by interacting with a wide range of other professionals.

You get access to a range of networking opportunities, through local branch events, special interest group sessions and conferences. This will give you the chance to meet new people, get support and advice from other professionals and seek out new opportunities to advance your career.

You can also sign up to use the online CIPD community forums which give you the chance to network and share knowledge in a more laid back and informal setting.



Member helplines

The CIPD run 4 helplines offering legal guidance that as a member you’ll be entitled to use.

The one that will most likely come in handiest is their Employment Law helpline. It’s open 24/7 and your CIPD membership grants you 20 calls per year. Employment law is notoriously tricky and can throw off even the most seasoned HR professionals, so having expert advice just a phone call away can be a big help.

The other helplines deal with whistleblowing, personal legal issues and EU employment; so, no matter what your legal dilemma, you should be able to get the support and advice you need. 




Voting rights on CIPD issues

As a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD you have the right to vote on key CIPD issues and policy changes, giving you the chance to engage in big debates and affect change within the HR and L&D profession. 


Exclusive discounts

Not only will CIPD membership advance your career, it will also save you some money!

As a member, you’ll be eligible for discounts on a huge range of products and services including:

You can find out more about CIPD members discounts here.  


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