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ICS Real Stories: Rahul | Online CIPD Level 3 Review



Our international student Rahul Jam wanted a flexible way to study the CIPD Level 3 Diploma from Dubai. He's now fully-qualified and working for the CIPD in the Middle East!


I realised that I wanted to build a career in HR when I was in Year 2 at university studying for a BA in Tourism and Business.

I always knew I had a flair for the service industry but when I had to do a module in HRM for year 2, I realised my interest in the people profession.

I was intrigued by the dimensions of the HR industry and the impact it has on businesses around us and my interest grew with each day and by the end of the year, I scored over 96% in the module!

Of course, it was too late to go back to university and start a degree all over again in HRM so I started researching on alternative routes to enter the HR industry and I started looking into professional qualifications and came across the CIPD.

Initially, I started researching CIPD qualifications and their relevance to the Middle East region and I noticed that a lot of large organisations in the ME region have a preference for CIPD qualified HR professionals and list a CIPD Qualification as one of the ‘desirable’ requirements as part of their job description.

Once I was certain that I wanted to study a CIPD qualification, I started looking at providers locally as well as distance learning providers.

I was focusing on distance learning providers as I wanted to undertake the qualification without having any impact on my job and needed the flexibility as I had to travel a fair bit for work and could not commit to face-to-face learning.

I looked up at a number of online providers and finally decided on ICS Learn. I based my decision on three main factors: reputation, reviews and value for money.

ICS Learn is a CIPD approved centre and has been offering CIPD qualifications for a number of years thus proving its commitment to providing quality training.

I checked the reviews on multiple channels and ICS Learn did have very good reviews. Also, ICS Learn prices are very competitive and they offer instalment options and you can split the payments across the duration of your studies which is quite helpful financially.

From the moment I enrolled to the time I completed my course and became an Assoc CIPD member, I must admit, I have been very impressed with ICS Learn and have never been disappointed with my choice.

The course material provided is detailed and designed to cater to the needs of students doing distance learning courses. However, if you do need assistance at any point with your assignments or learning, the tutor support turnaround time is very quick, normally within 72 hours.

The tutors also provide a very detailed feedback summary with each assignment for us to reflect on what we have learnt and to enhance learning.

Throughout my time with ICS Learn, the support I received from the tutors helped me complete my assignments and motivate me to achieve my goals.

CIPD qualifications set the benchmark for qualifications in the HR industry world over and the learning and coursework are very hands-on and relevant to the real-world HR profession. For someone with zero experience in HR, I was very nervous about taking up the course.

However, the support I received from ICS Learn from the initial consultation to completing my L3 Diploma in HR Practice and becoming an Associate member of the CIPD has been tremendous and I proudly flaunt my Assoc CIPD status today! 

Thank you to all the ICS tutors who supported me through my learning and also the back-end team that help me and fellow students with other administrative requirements, be it helping us sort finances or other administrative support as needed.

Thank you ICS Learn! 


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