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ICS Real Stories: Kishore | Online CIPD Level 5 Review


Our international student Kishore found that our online CIPD Level 5 Diploma helped him reinforce practices he introduced in his HR role in Oman.


Having worked in the field of HR for over 8 years now, ranging from recruitment to systems, it becomes difficult for one to detect a blind spot in the understanding of the subject. 

Especially, having been with the same employer for this entire time, there is little practical exposure to the ways of the HR world outside and that is where my learning and experience with CIPD Level 5 became an eye-opener. 

This was my first international certification and that too after a long gap after my graduation. Being available online meant time and distance were no hindrance.

It was an equal opportunity for whoever was keen on learning anywhere in the world.

The well-structured, exhaustive yet lucid curriculum is what gave way to my initial apprehension and resistance. 

My views regarding the importance of the Vision, Mission and Code of Conduct, which is the final essence of an organisation, gained a fresh perspective and put me in a reflective mode.

Reward management, employment law during recruitment and employee relations were important lessons that I took back with to my work.

Besides the academic enrichment, I enjoyed interacting with other students across the world, attending live webinars, learning to read from journals and reference, having a different tutor in each assessment meant getting thorough coaching from experts in the field, thinking of creative solutions to everyday niggles, introspecting on my personal goals and a peek into other work cultures and sensitivities.

The course has also reinforced some of the practices that I had introduced into my workplace, which was a reassurance to me. 

Being in HR, we are on both sides of the table. This throws us some dilemmas and sometimes life-altering experiences and insights, CIPD helped me understand how to strike the balance.

The CIPD course is well-rounded and the tutors are always there for you. It hardly felt like “distance” learning. 

Any HR personnel would agree that HR is the heart of an organisation and it takes tact, technique and taste to become a successful HR person in a digitised, dehumanised corporate world. This CIPD course makes every attempt to groom the student into that value-system. 


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