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ICS Real Stories: Diana | Online CIPD Level 5 Review



The flexibility of our online CIPD Level 5 course has allowed Diana Pantoja to work abroad half of the time she has been studying! Here she reviews her experience.


Finding a dream or a vocation does not always equal finding opportunities to practice it.  Many of us find our vocation and dream when we are too old to partake in regular education, and for us, non-traditional education can often seem daunting.

When I decided at 27 that I wanted to become a professional HR specialist, I considered my options.  I was not aware of the CIPD, but I did know I want to take a shortcut of sorts and went to look at vocational schooling in the country I lived at. 

Unfortunately for me, the quality of vocational education is not always what one wishes it to be and my only option by then was to enter into university, but the prospect of studying again with people that is in a different moment in life raised big doubts on whether that was the right step for me.

I finally found a long-distance university that was supposedly the best in the country.  The education was really complete, but too broad for my taste and not specific enough into my vocation.  I was a dutiful student but barely made it, and I couldn’t work at the same time as the pressure to make it through did not allow me to work too.

I did go on to working in L&D internationally and continue with my study but studying something that isn’t at times directly related to my work was overbearing. I had lost all hopes to grow my career, so I moved to the UK to follow education in English. 

I then found out about the CIPD certification, but the prospect of being in a classroom with younger people, with less experience and not being flexible enough to continue working at the same time was daunting once again.

And then I found ICS Learn. Not only was it at a fraction of the cost of classroom courses, absolutely supported by CIPD and thus recognised internationally, but also incredibly flexible time-wise.

I decided to try it and I haven’t regretted it! The fact that everything is in a stream of information makes it easy to follow step by step.

The course being so flexible has even allowed me to work abroad half the time I was studying for it. 

We also have created international Facebook and WhatsApp groups for student support where you can compare notes with classmates in an informal way.

You have a customer care chat on your window screen at all times! Which has helped me a lot in moments I felt lost.  Even in the moments where I found it difficult to pay, I could receive some reassurance from ICS Learn. They allowed me to choose the exact date I want my payments to go through for example.

For me, studying in ICS Learn has been the right step towards my HRD diploma, and I hope that it can be the same for you too. I wish you all the best advancing your career in a seamlessly way with ICS Learn!

If you’d like to hear more from Diana, you can connect with her on LinkedIn


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