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ICS Real Stories: Cara | Online GCSE Maths Review



Cara Shotbolt passed her GCSE Maths in November after studying online with us and she's now one step closer to her dream career of being a Midwife.


I enrolled on the Maths GCSE course with ICS Learn in February 2018. I am 44 years old and had been thinking about a career change into Midwifery for some time. 

I have worked in health and social care for many years and gained a lot of great experience, but when I looked into midwifery training I knew I lacked the grade 4/C in maths required.

Maths has never been my strong point and I doubted whether I should even enrol on the course at all, as my fear of maths ingrained in me from a child was at the forefront of my mind.

I am so glad I pushed those little gremlins to the back of my mind.

Enrolling was extremely easy, and a payment plan was simple and straightforward to set up.

Within half an hour of enrolling, I received my first email from ICS Learn including all the information I required.

The textbooks required were available online in resources. The online format is easy to navigate even for a technophobe like me.

Melissa the online maths teacher welcomed me online alongside a personal tutor. I received email contact every week and attended online webinars.

I had to go right back to basics and work my way up through the course, but the units and guides were set out step by step with great examples and pointers I managed to keep up ok. 

The recorded online lessons were a godsend as I could pause and rewind as often as I liked.  There were some subjects towards the end of the foundation level that I seemed to struggle with, but Melissa was a click away and I always received a response within 24 hours or sooner.

She included easy to read examples and explained things in a way that helped me understand. I really wish I had had a teacher like her back in my old school days.

If anyone is thinking of using ICS Learn for a course or a Maths GCSE, I wouldn’t hesitate. Even if you feel it is beyond you, which I did, the support you will receive will guide you through at your own pace.

You receive 18 months full tutor support for GCSE maths to allow time to study. I was on a slight time limit as I wanted to make the university application deadline and arranged to sit the exams in November 2018.  

The process for organising a local college as an external candidate was fairly stress-free also as ICS Learn sent me a list of colleges and schools that accept external students.

I feel pretty proud of myself for gaining a grade 5 (a grade higher than I had even hoped for) in 10 months of study which proves with the right support and teacher attitude to learning it really is possible.

Thank you, ICS Learn and Melissa Lieberman, for helping me get one step closer in my ultimate goal.


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