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The Ultimate List of London HR and L&D Events in 2019



Take control of your career in 2019 with our guide to this year’s HR and L&D events. We’ve gathered over 50 of the best events in London in one place so you can plan out what to attend.


We know you might still be feeling a bit sensitive from over-indulging during the festive period, but it’s never too early to start planning out your professional development for the year.

Professional events are an easy place to start as they combine the two mega career-boosting activities of developing your skills and growing your professional network.

They’re also super-fun and packed with like-minded people who are all focused on developing the world of work to be a better place for everyone.

So, why not make a New Year’s resolution you’ll actually keep and sign up for a few events? It beats sweating it out in an overcrowded gym!

If you know of any events we’ve missed, Tweet us at @ICSLearn and we’ll update the list!

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HR and L&D Events London


June 25th - Workforce Planning

June 25th - HR Forum

June 26th - Creating a data driven employee experience

June 27th - The Future of Work is Human

June 27th - Diversity, inclusion and the effects of human bias in AI

June 27th - Mock Disciplinary Hearing

July 4th - Free Employment Law, HR and Health and Safety Seminar

July 4th - Onboarding: Built around People, not Process

July 9th - Profession for the Future

July 11th - Social Media for Recruitment & HR 

July 12th - Culture Change. Hacked.

July 16th - The Employee Productivity Lifecycle

July 17th - Agile HR Meetup London

July 17th - Introduction to diversity and Inclusion

July 18th - In-house Recruitment Leaders Conference 2019


July 18th - Becoming Data Savvy in HR

July 23rd - 5 Reasons Why Culture Programmes Fail 

July 25th - Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety Seminar

July 30th - Data Protection Fundamentals for HR and Line Managers

July 30th - Rewarding Onboarding

July 31st - myHRparty 31.07.19 London

July 31st - The Conflict Resolution Training Game for L&D and HR specialists

August 19th - HR Leadership Programme

August 19th - Learning and Development Workshop

August 25th - Innovatory HR Practices Workshop

August 27th - HR Surgery

September 6th - A CULTURE OF DIGITAL: Socialising HR 

September 9th - Managing Conflict at Work

September 10th - DisruptHR London #13

September 10th - Best Practice HR and Leadership Course

September 18th - Building staff engagement: A peer-to-peer event

September 25th - Free HR Strategic Positioning Event

September 26th - 2019 Internal Communications Conference

September 26th - An Evening With Women in HR's Positions of Authority

October 2nd - myHRparty 02.10.19 London

October 3rd - Learning Summit 2019

October 7th - Mediating Conflict at Work

October 16th - HR Administration Training Course

December 3rd - DisruptHR London #14

December 10th - Strategic HR & OD Network


So here's to a great 2019! We're sure yours will be full of professional triumphs and glittering new opportunities! We'll be updating this list as the year goes by so be sure to check back for new events. 

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