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ICS Real Stories: Umar | Online CIPD Level 3 Review



Umar Shahid found the flexibility of our online CIPD Level 3 Diploma really helpful after going through some difficult times whilst studying. 


My experience at ICS Learn was flexible and enjoyable. I had never done a distance learning course before, so I was hesitant at the start but the level of support I got from my tutors, staff and customer service members was amazing.

I was going through a tremendous amount of a hard time and personal issues, and ICS Learn understood my circumstances and went above and beyond to provide me with the necessary help and support I required to complete my CIPD Level 3 Diploma.

My special thanks to Anne-Marie Stevenson, Susan Andrews, Rachel Cooper, Margaret McLuckie, Paula Smith, David James and Helen Bessant for making my learning experience stress-free.

I would also like to thank Dr Stephen Littler, for all his support and guidance, without his mentoring support I would have struggled. He is a great tutor and he listens and guides accordingly, he is a very approachable tutor and very knowledgeable and understanding person.

Dr Stephen is very easy to reach, and he is available when you need him. I really appreciate his level of commitment to his students. I would have struggled if it was not for his great caring for his students.

What made my experience at ICS Learn even more enjoyable, was that I was able to connect with all levels of staff, tutors and members, they all listened to me and gave me the help I needed.

The CIPD was right to recommend ICS Learn to me and their reputation exceeds them.

Learning online is no easy task, in fact, I find it more challenging than university, but because of the extraordinary amount of support, I was able to succeed with flying colours.

The level of support I got from my tutors, staff and customer service members was amazing. I recommend ICS Learn because they care for students and treat you with the respect you deserve.

I will definitely guide my friends, and family to use ICS Learn for online learning. If I need to advance my studies in HR at level 5 or 7, I will definitely use ICS Learn.


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