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ICS Real Stories: Penny | Online AAT Bookkeeping Review



Penny Bennet is studying AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping so she can help out her husband who runs his own business, here she reviews her experience of studying online.  


My husband runs his own business, and I wanted to take some of his workload off him. 

Deciding to study for Level 2 Bookkeeping made sense, as it’s one of the things he struggles to find time for, and if I could take on that it would give him more time to focus on other aspects of his job.

I did a lot of googling, had a chat with some local friends who had studied the AAT Bookkeeping qualification through college, and after finishing my research I chose ICS Learn because they seemed the most likely to help me progress.

Their website was easy to read and navigate through and gave me all the information to help me decide which qualification suited me best.

I was worried about finding time to study - with two small children and a day job I couldn’t commit to college or a regular study slot. 

The online student interface was incredibly easy to use though, the walkthrough helped it all make sense, and the books were well written and easy to understand.

With ICS Learn you can fit your study around your life, and I found that I could log in for an hour or two from my laptop, desktop and tablet, all of which made working in a way to suit me straightforward.

I found it easy to plan my learning and broke down each chapter into chunks to progress through.  The clear structure in the online environment helped me structure my learning too.

The online tutors were very helpful, never making me feel stupid for my mistakes, and taking care to explain the content in several different ways.

I’ve not yet booked in for my exams - real life has got in the way.  I have the confidence I need though to work with my husband in keeping his records, and I don’t regret any of my time studying with ICS Learn.

My next step is the AAT Level 2 qualification in Accountancy. 

I’ve got the studying bug and I’m sure further qualifications will be useful in helping my husband by taking some of the financial workload off him. And of course, it’s going to be with ICS Learn, I recommend them to everyone!


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