6 Reasons to Hire a Management Apprentice



Managing others is a skill that comes naturally to some and to others with practice and training.

However, management education often goes neglected, with 45% of managers having never received any formal training. This is a huge loss, as proactive managers are one of the biggest drivers of company growth.

A variety of management apprenticeship programmes exist to help you train current or aspiring managers at any level, including:

  1. Team Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship (Level 3)
  2. Operations/Departmental Manager apprenticeship (Level 5)
  3. Chartered Manager apprenticeship (Degree)
  4. Senior Leader Master’s Degree apprenticeship (Degree)


Join us as we discuss six main reasons to hire a management apprentice in your business.



High Return on Investment

When given the support they need to thrive in a fast-moving environment, a management apprentice can very quickly become a true standout worker in the company.

Each management apprentice brings in an approximate net gain of £13,824 for the business that employs them. Research also found that 39% of employers taking on apprentices were able to reduce their overall wage bill.

Furthermore, long-term apprentices deliver productivity gains valued at roughly £10,000 per year, and 78% reported that their apprentices contributed to an increase in productivity.

It should be no surprise, then, that 97% of employers reported that their apprentices had a positive effect on their business.


Bring in Fresh and Diverse Talent

Never underestimate the impact that bringing in fresh talent can have! If you have many employees with similar backgrounds and knowledge, you’re missing out on valuable alternative perspectives.

Bringing in an apprentice could fill that gap, giving them the opportunity to share new experiences with your team. A CIPD survey found that a quarter of employers believe apprenticeships diversify their workforce.




What leaves more experienced members of staff scratching their heads might be straightforward for your new apprentice. Apprentices are new blood in your industry and are often more driven to succeed and come up with new ideas. Thanks to their unique take on the issue, they could create a solution that saves you time and money.

This is backed up by the figures: 65% of employers say that their apprentices brought new ideas to their organisation, and 74% say they improved their product or service.

You never know what your team might be missing out on!


Develop Employees In-House

By taking on a management apprentice, you’re beginning a broader journey of in-house talent development. Training an apprentice is essentially tailor-making the perfect employee for your business. This is a great route for your apprentice and for the company too!

If your company was to acquire the skill level of a qualified apprentice from an outside candidate, the cost implications would be much higher. External candidates will likely also be less experienced within your industry, whereas an apprentice’s skills can be moulded to your specific sector and company requirements.




Remember, you can use apprenticeships to develop existing staff as well as new talent. Particularly if you pay the apprenticeship levy, management apprenticeships are a brilliant option for training newly promoted managers and team leaders.

They give high-performing staff the opportunity to develop their skills and career with a respected qualification, helping you promote and retain your star performers. In terms of human resource planning, this can be hugely beneficial for the future growth of the business.


There are Grants and Funding Available

If you company spends less than £3 million on salaries per year, the government will pay 90%of your apprentice training costs, with your business paying the other 10%.

(If you spend more than £3 million on salaries per year, your company will pay into the apprenticeship levy, and you can use this fund to pay for your apprenticeship training.)

There are a variety of grants that may also be available depending on you and your apprentices’ circumstances, including if:

  1. Your apprentice is 16 to 18 years old
  2. Your apprentice is 19 and 24 years old and has an EHC plan or has been in care
  3. You employ fewer than 50 people


For SMEs in particular, this has the potential to help you grow your staff numbers more efficiently. We all know how difficult it can be to scale up a business, and apprentices can help you to fill that talent gap.




Management Apprentices Can Teach Other Members of Staff

Many managers within your organisation may be informally trained (or not trained at all), and there’s a lot that a management apprentice can potentially teach them.

With the up-to-date knowledge of best practice, management techniques and project management they’ll gain through their qualification, management apprentices are perfectly positioned to share their knowledge.

Apprentices may also inspire other member of your team to consider additional training; if others show interest in improving their management skills, leadership qualifications are an avenue worth exploring.

Plus, your apprentice will need to be assigned a mentor within your company; this is a fantastic growth opportunity for a more senior member of staff.


Learning is Flexible

If you’re considering taking on a management apprentice but worry about the 20% off-the-job training requirement disrupting your apprentice’s work, there are many solutions that can help.

Learning doesn’t have to take place in a college or educational facility – much management apprentice training can be conducted online.




With our Team Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship and Operations/Departmental Manager apprenticeship, your apprentices will study their ILM qualification online, shaping their learning around their everyday tasks.

This flexible form of learning keeps the apprentice motivated to complete their course, while also giving them time to perform their duties and learn on-the-job. Your apprentices will also benefit from 1:1 support and quarterly masterclasses to ensure they’re progressing towards their goal.

Our flexible management apprenticeship programmes are fully approved by the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) and can be paid for using your Apprenticeship Levy.


Management apprentices are primed to become key members of staff that help your business thrive, meaning that an investment in a management apprentice is an true investment in the future of your company.


If you think your organisation could benefit from a management apprentice, then get in touch to find out how we can support their development.


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