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ICS Real Stories: Vicky | Online GCSE English Review



Vicky Harding passed her IGCSE English Language last summer after studying online with us and she's now one step closer to her dream career of being a paramedic.


Two years ago, I decided to take a complete U-turn in my career choice. I wanted to go from being a manager at a well-known high street and online distribution centre to become a paramedic!

I didn’t get the GCSE grades required when I was at school. The highest I achieved was a D grade.

After looking into the requirements to get into the ambulance service, it was clear I needed to put some work in and get some better grades.

I decided to choose ICS Learn due to the flexibility of the learning times and the fact that I was working full-time, so I needed to fit in my studies when I could.

I did have reservations regarding signing up due to the cost, but after shopping around I found ICS Learn had the best deal available and even offered discounts for multiple subjects.

Studying with ICS Learn was really good and the online tutors were supportive and helpful.

I could study at my own pace and the tutors were available to set study plans when I felt I was falling behind. No question was deemed as a silly question either, people learn at different paces and the tutors always put me at ease.

When it came time to actually sit my exams I didn’t feel too nervous as there are more mature students than I thought. There were around twenty external candidates sitting the same exam as me at the same time.

When I collected my results I was ecstatic, I got a grade 8 (old A*) in English Language and I couldn’t believe it!

I am currently studying two more subjects to enable me to progress in my career.

Hopefully this time next year I will be well on my way to my dream job and if I can do it at 36 years old then anybody can!

I have already recommended ICS Learn to a colleague and I would recommend them to anybody wanting to gain the results they have always wanted. 


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