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ICS Learn Launches Online Project Management Courses



We’re delighted to announce that we’re now taking enrolments on our brand new PRINCE2 project management courses.

The online PRINCE2 courses are ideal for individuals and organisations looking to increase their project management capabilities.

Employers increasingly claim that clients and stakeholders look for more value from projects, that they are expected in a shorter time frame, and that technology has made delivery more complex than ever.

Despite this, more than 50% of organisations surveyed by Axelos admitted to either having no consistent project management processes in place, or evaluation of any processes they do have.

Our online project management courses have been designed to help organisations and professionals bridge this skills gap through flexible online learning that fits around even the busiest schedule.



PRINCE2 is a globally recognised project management method that was initially developed by the British government and then refined by a consortium of 150 European organisations.

It’s used by a huge number of organisations across 111 countries in sectors ranging from Education to IT, making it the world’s most universal project management methodology.


“PRINCE2 is the language of project management. The methodology can be adapted to projects in any sector, of any size or level of intricacy, so it’s a hugely valuable qualification.

While traditional PRINCE2 courses would be studied in a classroom – usually 9 – 5 over the course of a week - our flexible online platform allows students to learn from home in bite-size chunks, letting them shape it around their job and family.”

- Sean McCready, Director of Education and Skills, ICS Learn


Mastering the PRINCE2 principles and processes is a feather in the cap of any project management professional.

In fact, a survey by Axelos found that 88% of project managers said PRINCE2 has been valuable to their career and 85% said PRINCE2 has been useful in their current role.

Having PRINCE2 qualified staff on your team will ensure that projects are delivered confidently and efficiently. 

PRINCE2 courses are traditionally taught in a classroom, meaning it’s necessary to take time out of work or sacrifice a large chunk of personal time to accommodate the rigid timetable.

However, our courses are taught 100% online (including the exam), which means that you or your team can study anywhere at any time, making it easy to shape learning around work, family and life.




Which Project Management Course Is Right for You?

PRINCE2 qualifications are available at two levels: Foundation and Practitioner. The Foundation level provides a strong introduction to the essentials of the method, allowing you or your team to understand the terminology and work confidently within PRINCE2 projects.

The Practitioner level is the next step and will allow you to become a fully qualified PRINCE2® Registered Practitioner. It will teach you or your team to apply and adapt the PRINCE2 method to projects of any scale, complexity, industry or location.



Ready to invest in your project management skills? Find out more about our online project management courses.


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