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5 Innovative HR Tools Everyone Should Try in 2019



2019 is upon us and there’s no doubt that HR will find themselves wearing more hats than ever this year.

We’ve been busy researching five tools that HR professionals can use to transform their job.

Whether you want to streamline the onboarding process of new employees or use software to automate some of your daily tasks, these are the HR tools that you should be using.

You’ll free up time, become more productive, and truly get on top of your to-do list tasks in 2019 with these first-class HR tools.

(Plus, you can show off your fancy new tools to your fellow HR pros - you know you want to.)




How often do you see employees being recognised within your organisation? 62% of employees feel underappreciated by their boss, which leads to a decrease in productivity.

Make it easy for everyone in the organisation to get involved in praising staff with this software. At its core, it’s a way for employees and upper management to pass on kudos in the form of points.

Points can then be redeemed to unlock rewards, which can include shopping vouchers or even lunch with the boss!

The admin of the programme sets out which employees have the largest budget of points to give others. Generally, line managers will have more to give out as they have a better overview of the department as a whole, and employees are encouraged to praise their colleagues with comments and GIFs.

You can take a look at which employees have the highest rates of recognition to earmark them for progression. This can feed into regular reviews, as you can drill down to the elements that make the employee appreciated by others.

You can even use this to recognise employee birthdays and anniversaries - they can then redeem the points for a gift that they really want!

Again, the mobile app creates a higher likelihood that this will be adopted by employees, as they can access their own rewards and reward others on the go.


  1. Great for staff motivation.
  2. Simple to onboard staff.
  3. Employees can choose their own rewards with points.
  4. Fun and light-hearted.



  1. Employees must engage with the software for it to be effective.
  2. Adding options for prizes can be time consuming.





For businesses that have an issue with staff morale, it’s possible to turn that around with the right steps. Working in HR, you may want to motivate every member of staff, but this can be an unmanageable task! You can see the impact of low morale but just don’t have the resources to tackle it on a granular level.

With the right feedback and proactive management, you can help to get the workforce back to their full potential again. This can be super satisfying for HR professionals, as it’s what the job is all about! Companies that implement regular employee feedback enjoy 14.9% lower staff turnover rates when compared to those that don’t.

15Five can assist you in that quest, with an easy system that allows you to check in with every member of the team. With just 15 minutes each week, you can reengage staff with a check in questionnaire to get you back on track. This gives you consistent feedback on incentives and changes that are impacting employees.

This opens up the discussion to employees and shows them that they are being listened to. Don’t underestimate just how much proactive HR practices can improve the employee experience.

Not every discussion point or poll will be relevant, but try to tackle the ones that you can. If there’s a particularly difficult decision to be made by upper management, then polling employees can give them insight they would have otherwise been unaware of.


  1. Increases engagement in a short timeframe.
  2. Simple method of communication between management and employees.
  3. Management can quickly assess data from responses.
  4. Empowers members of staff to give feedback.



  1. Some template questions are generic.
  2. Requires all employees to participate.





This platform has been created for HR professionals that just don’t have enough hours in the day. Sound familiar?

BambooHR brings all of your paperwork, processes and data into the one place. Their ethos is that by freeing up the time you would usually spend on these processes, you can focus on the people part of human resources.

Their all-in-one system streamlines and centralises a huge variety of essential HR tasks, including:

HR Reporting: Understanding your data is key to making informed, evidence-based decisions; the platform’s custom reporting makes it easier than ever to gain actionable insights.

Time-Off Tracking: If you find yourself with too many emails regarding time off and operations, then it’s time to centralise the process. There’s even a mobile app for employees to submit requests, which allows you to get back to enjoying your lunch hour – instead of fielding questions about holidays and pay.

Applicant Tracking & Onboarding: For HR professionals that have vacancies to fill, there’s a lot of support within this platform. From application tracking to a self-service onboarding area, this makes managing new employees simple.

Employee Database and Records: With GDPR changing the way that we store and use data, we’ll all be following stricter data processes. Don’t let this become a headache - use software to automate these tedious but important tasks.


  1. Automates a wide variety of processes to save time.
  2. Self-service areas for staff.
  3. Recruitment software included.
  4. Easy-to-use dashboard.



  1. Not all options are customisable.
  2. Takes time to get set up with this new system.





This project management tool is used by millions of teams all over the world but can often be overlooked by the HR function.

From an individual perspective, you can use this software to create handy checklists for regular tasks. This can be a new starter checklist or a list of the steps you need to take on to hire new staff members.

Then, you can also invite others to collaborate on these tasks. For example, the inclusion of a line manager on tasks needed for a new starter can take some of the strain away from HR.

Organising agendas and resources can also be simpler in this visual format. Preparation and organisation are imperative for HR professionals; if you struggle to keep up with this day to day, this software could be a solution.


  1. Helps you to keep track of time.
  2. Useful for communication between teams.
  3. Mobile app to facilitate use.
  4. Cuts down on departmental emails.
  5. Free version available.



  1. Few automated options.
  2. More users means a more expensive package for premium accounts.





If you’re looking for a tool that you can begin to test out and implement for free, then give IceHrm a shot. It’s free for up to 5 employees, with a small monthly subscription fee for additional employees.

This software gives you the power to create individual profiles for each employee, with all of their employee information stored securely.

Within these profiles, it’s possible to manage a variety of tasks regarding the employee, like time off and payroll. You can even create leave rules that automatically accept or reject the application for employee leave. For example, if a certain percentage of employees from one department are already approved for leave, then the request will be rejected with an explanation.

The access to this information can also be shared with relevant parties. This cuts down on all of those departmental emails that can eat up your time before you know it!

Timesheets and productivity can also be analysed to assess the profitability of projects, giving you and the C-Suite a better overview of the situation.


  1. No cost to use for up to 5 employees.
  2. User friendly software.
  3. Clear data visualisation.
  4. Functions to deal with leave, payroll and project management.


  1. Some features are limited in the free version.
  2. Interface feels somewhat dated.


We’re looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that this year is sure to bring. With these HR tools on your side, you have the potential to make 2019 a killer year for your HR career.


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