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ICS Real Stories: Helen | Online IGCSE Science Review



Helen is studying IGCSE Science online with us so that she can improve her grade and use it to advance her career within the Science field.


I have worked in Science most of my life but really struggled with my GCSE Science grade to progress further in the field. Currently, I work as a Sample Receptionist for a food science company. 

I was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age which caused me to struggle throughout my school life and when it was time for my GCSEs, I found it difficult to understand the whole process. 

When I was young, I was always told that education wasn't important and that I would be fine in my career path and I believed this until I got into the real world of work.

Throughout the year in my career I struggled to progress in Science due to my GCSE grades, I was able to show I could do the job and be reliable in the job, but I was always told that I didn't get the job due to my education. That is when I decided to start over. 

Three years ago, I started from scratch.  I started with GCSE Maths and bumped my grade up twice than before, then the next year I retook my GCSE English and both grades were bumped up to a high standard. I’m very proud of what I achieved. 

Now I am on the trail to be successful in my GCSE Science. The excitement of improving and having an understanding of sciences making me so happy!

This is where ICS Learn comes in, I knew what I wanted when coming to the platform of the ICS Learn site.

I typed into Google and ICS Learn popped up, I clicked on it and with a quick scroll and a read of the course involved I knew this was the course for me. 

I called the number up on the screen, so I could set up a payment plan. I spoke to a lovely gentleman called Colin that explained what my next step was when signing up to the course, then went through the normal payment details and that was it.

Colin explained I would get a couple of emails in the next couple of minutes telling me my next steps, we ended the call and straight away the emails were in my folder. 

I followed the emails logged in to the account and now I am learning my IGCSE Science straight away.

Everything at my fingertips, at any time I want to learn. The course fits around you not the other way around. 

I found the intro email about my tutor very helpful as it put me at ease that my tutor had a very great understanding of the subject and that if I am finding it difficult to progress or understand that she is one click away to assist with any of my questions.

I’m very excited to be part of the distance learning student community and learn about Science from an academic background to help me reach my full potential. 

If I get good marks in my IGCSE Science and improve my grade this will open so many doors for my career. It is important for me to do well in this to develop my future career path. 

I would like to thank ICS Learn for giving me the opportunity to learn from there platform and help me become a better knowledgeable person in my sciences background. 


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