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ICS Real Stories: Elle May | A Level English Literature Review



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Elle May's health condition made it difficult for her to study in school but she's loving the freedom & flexibility of our online A Level English Literature course.  


My name is Elle May Dempsey, I am 17 years old and I have chosen ICS Learn to complete my A Level English literature exams.

I completed all my GCSE’s in a mainstream school and wanted to proceed in further education, as I really enjoyed learning and the opportunities education will give me in the future.

However, I am a student who suffers from a walking disability called Cerebral Palsy. It was extremely hard walking around school every day, especially in the busy crowds and bad weather.

I found it very difficult to concentrate in the noisy atmosphere. I hated the pressure of having set dates for assignments from multiple classes.

I had so much anxiety speaking in front of a class and the feeling of embarrassment I had if I got something wrong. Also, with a school, I disliked the set structure of how many classes I had to take.

ICS Learn has given me the opportunity to be able to continue to study my favourite class at my own speed.

I now have so much flexibility as a young teen, with my life and free time, with my work, with travel. I can pick and choose when I wish to study and how long I take on each section.

By studying with ICS Learn not only have I been able to study a subject that I love and see my future in, but I have also been able to improve my mental health by taking time to also focus on myself in a less stressful environment.

Another amazing bonus with ICS Learn is that the price and payments aren't too expensive compared to many other online schools I looked at before making my final decision.

I love how I am able to pay in instalments and not all in one go, this makes it so much more affordable.

The support I receive from my tutor is amazing. She replies super fast and always gives fully explained, in-depth answers to my question.

If there was a certain question that I was really stuck and confused with, my tutor will keep helping and supporting me until I understand and am happy with the reply.

I would 100% recommend ICS Learn to anyone who wishes to continue to study at any level as they have a wide range of subjects to choose from.


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