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ICS Real Stories: Louise | Online GCSE Maths Review



21 years after getting a D grade in GCSE Maths, Louise was able to get the pass she needs - with the help of our one-to-one tuition and live online classrooms.

I did my GCSEs in 1998. Back then I was told I was really good at Maths and I would definitely get a good grade in the higher exam.

Because they told me this so much, I didn’t try, completed absolutely no revision and got a grade D. I was so angry and upset that I changed my career path entirely.

My mental arithmetic has always been very good, but other than that and normal everyday stuff, I’ve not used any mathematical stuff in the last 21 years.

The thought of trigonometry, Pythagoras and algebra would make me feel ridiculously nauseous.

I then decided last year I wanted to follow my original career path of being a teacher but knew I needed a better grade than a D.

Working full time as a manager for a major supermarket meant I needed to find a course that I could do online and fit it in when I could. ICS Learn was perfect.

I’d attend live sessions whenever I could and watch recordings the rest of the time.

Knowing a tutor was there as and when I needed help was great. Suddenly all the “complicated” stuff made sense and wasn’t complicated anymore.

I sat my exam back in the same school hall as 1998 and today received my results. Out of a possible 240 I got 225. 

Today I got my GCSE Maths results and I couldn’t be happier. I did the foundation exam and I got a grade 5. I’m absolutely over the moon.

I can’t recommend ICS Learn enough and will be eternally grateful!!!


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