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After missing out on her required grade, Izzy retook her A Level Business online and secure the grade she needed to start her apprenticeship. 


Throughout my GCSEs and A Levels, I had my heart set on a business degree apprenticeship.

I’d always been better at learning on the job, so the fact I would be able to apply my knowledge to my degree as well as earning whilst I learnt was what hooked me from the start.

Like most students I spent the majority of sixth form working in retail, meaning that my weekends weren't my own and the Christmas “holiday” was essentially a myth.

Working Christmas eve and boxing day pushed me to want this apprenticeship even more knowing that I would be able to have a life as well as earning, learning and gaining vital experience.

My entry requirements were 3 B’s and after being successful in the interviews I was 1 of 6 given a conditional offer.

Fast forward to results day where I couldn’t wait to start my new role and begin my highly anticipated career.

I, like most other students, was what only could be described as an emotional wreck! However, unlike those other students who opened their envelopes to the results they wanted, I found myself looking at a piece of paper which said BBD.

I don’t think I’ll ever really forget that moment and what followed didn’t help. My school turned me away after I declined their offer of retaking the subject I got a D in. I hadn’t enjoyed it and I knew another year wouldn’t help to improve the grade.

At this point, I was jobless. I’d quit my retail role in preparation for my new job so I had some time to enjoy summer as well as completely clueless about what I would do.

Fortunately, the company I was looking to do my apprenticeship with, extended my conditional offer as long as I could make up the UCAS points.

I was completely out of my depth at this point and had arranged an appointment with a careers adviser to see how I could make up the points.

This meeting didn’t go to plan and I was left absolutely destroyed and hopeless! How was I ever going to get to where I wanted to be?

It was only after research that I discovered ICS Learn and was able to apply to sit a Business A Level.

It’s a 2-year course, however, I made my tutor aware straight away that I planned to do it in a year and got straight to work.

Due to the flexibility and no deadlines, I was able to work throughout and schedule the course around my life.

I was personally sceptical about this way of learning due to the lack of a classroom. However, the site was easy to use and the feedback from my tutor was quick and detailed.

This course was the perfect thing for me and after picking up my results yesterday, I can now say that I’ve managed to secure my apprenticeship and I’m so excited for the future.

Hard work always pays off even if it takes longer than you expected.


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