Why You Should Hire a Management Apprentice



Did you know that management apprentices contribute a positive net gain of £13,824 to a business per year?

These apprentices make real positive contributions to the workplace, as they create windfalls in productivity, morale and profitability.

If you’re thinking of bringing a management apprentice into your organisation, here are some of the fantastic benefits that you will gain.




Introduce Concrete Management Knowledge

The role of a manager has changed significantly over the years, with more responsibilities and legal duties to be aware of. For this reason, many businesses are abandoning solely experiential management training and moving towards a combined approach.

Even managers that have overseen people for many years can make disastrous mistakes due to a lack of knowledge. Perceived unfairness, illegal policies or probing questions can quickly put a company in hot water.

Therefore, your managers need to have an understanding of legislation and how to act in their capacity in the role. They’re in a position of power within the company, which gives them a lot of responsibility in a tribunal or legal setting.

As a management apprentice, the learner works through a series of modules designed to equip them with the knowledge they need to succeed. This includes legal, psychological and practical grounding. They can use this best practice for their own direct reports and also share this with their colleagues.


Build Globally Accredited Teams

Our management apprenticeship training is accredited by the ILM, the Institute for Leadership and Management. This globally recognised awarding body is the gold standard for management professionals.

As well as benefitting the individual, this is also a fantastic way for an employer to show that they invest in their people. When it comes to recruitment, brand identity and employee engagement – this can make a huge difference.

This can also impact tender decisions, as both businesses and consumers report that they prefer to do business with employers that are involved in apprenticeships. The positive effect of these schemes is far reaching to say the least.




Instil Your Core Values

Management styles vary from company culture to company culture. An outside hire may have a management style that doesn’t mesh with your culture and this can potentially cause issues.

By developing managers in house, you have the potential to instil the core values that your organisation wants to see in a manager. Team members can also gel with managers that they have an existing relationship with, rather than a new hire from outside the business.

The adjustment period for an outside hire can cost time and money. As they get accustomed to the role, they’re not being as effective as they could be. A new hire costs a business approximately £5,433 on logistical costs. Businesses also lose £25,181 per new employee, as they take 28 weeks to reach optimum productivity in the role.

On top of this, an experienced manager will demand a higher salary than an existing member of staff in training. With the right coaching and development, there’s no reason why your existing member of staff can’t be just as effective as an outside hire.  


Boost Productivity Overall

Apprentices have such a positive impact on the workplace and this includes the overall productivity. Outside of their own work, apprentices will also impact the productivity of others in the workplace.

In a study conducted by the UK Government 76% of employers reported that an apprenticeship programme had a positive impact on productivity. In the same study, 75% also reported that their apprentices had helped them to improve their overall product or service.

It’s not just the individual apprentice that can have an impact on the workplace, as the implementation of a training scheme can improve the wider organisation. These gains can be as a result of new apprentices joining the business or new skills being attained by existing members of staff.




Close Skills Gaps

By building a more diverse management team, you close a variety of skills gaps. For example, some managers may not be up to date on the latest technology, but a management apprentice can suggest new solutions using this technology.

These skills can be inherent to the apprentice or they can be learned over the course of their training. By filling these skills gaps, the apprentice can contribute towards a comprehensive team. This kind of insight and experience is invaluable, as it helps the team to create solutions that otherwise would not have been possible.

In order to create an environment in which apprentices feel comfortable to share these ideas, you have to coach them accordingly. Building their confidence and knowledge is key; this will make them much more likely to provide their insight on the issue at hand.


Develop your Colleagues

Offering opportunities for your colleagues to grow is a rewarding situation to find yourself in. This allows you to earmark colleagues that show an interest in further development and make this a reality.

This can act as an incentive for them to stay within the business and take the next step in their career internally. If you’re working for a levy paying employer, then the cost of this training is already taken care of. These funds are set aside directly from your wage bill and expire two years after they have been paid in.

With all of the advantages of an apprenticeship scheme, using your levy can prove to be a significant strategic advantage for your organisation.  


Management apprentices are great assets for your team, with up to date knowledge and new skills enhancing the prowess of the organisation. Implementing this kind of training scheme can bring a range of positive benefits, without disruption to the busy work-week.


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