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ICS Real Stories: Usman | Online CIPD Level 7 Review



Studying our CIPD Level 7 Diploma has helped Usman Riaz Qazi get a competitive edge in his senior HR role, here he reviews his experience of studying online. 


My name is Usman Riaz Qazi and I’m from Lahore in Pakistan.

Currently, I’m working as the Head HR & Organization Development for the Naveena Group of industries.

This involves taking care of various SBU’s of the Group with reference to HR, OD and Learning & Development.

The world is changing at a very rapid pace and to be competitive in the corporate world you have to equip yourself with the latest tools & techniques.

Being an HR professional, it was definitely a very vital decision for me to join a course which would not only polish my skills, but also give me a competitive edge in the global market.

I did thorough research to find out all the possibilities and found CIPD Level 7 Diploma to be the best option for me.

The next thing was to choose an institution that could allow me to complete this course at my own pace.

I contacted various providers to find what they had to offer for such professional courses and I found ICS Learn one of the best options for several reasons.  

Before joining ICS Learn, I had some doubts in my mind about the study scheme and guidance, but the ICS Learn representative constantly remained in touch with me.

A mock student login was created for me to have better understanding of ICS Learn Student Portal. I used that portal for few days and found it to be an effective one. 

At registration, I was very excited to start my new learning journey with CIPD through ICS Learn.

The course work is designed very professionally, upon completion of every major topic there is a planned assignment which actually gives you the opportunity to apply the topic practically.

I found the tutors to be true professionals, having a sound grip on their subject and really helpful all the time.     

My future plan is advancement of my HR and Learning & Development career and I am pretty sure CIPD and ICS Learn will be my competitive advantage.

For all those working professionals who don’t have the time or opportunity to go for classroom learning, but want to upgrade their skills, I strongly recommend you choose ICS Learn as your learning partner.


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