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ICS Real Stories: David | Online CIPD Level 7 Review



David Jarman reviews how studying our CIPD Level 7 Certificate broadened his HR knowledge and gave him confidence in areas of HR that were new to him. 


Historically my learning has always been in a face-to-face environment. Deciding to do an online, remotely supported course was not my original intention.

I had planned to complete my qualification in a part-time manner and attend lectures at a local university.

However, flexibility was key for me due to varied working hours and making sure I didn’t restrict my precious family time.

I wanted something where timelines and studying hours were set by me, for me.

When considering the alternative option of studying online, I had apprehensions that e-learning would have little support, assignments wouldn’t be marked in a timely manner and that the experience of learning would just not be the same as a physical environment.

My experience with ICS Learn showed that when an organisation puts the user and their needs at the centre of the experience, these concerns are short-lived.  

Communication with support tutors was swift and webinar sessions gave me an opportunity to participate in a shared learning environment with other students.

There are also online platforms to connect and communicate. Ultimately this meant that I didn’t I feel isolated and support when I needed it, was never far away.

I set myself a goal of completing the course in a twelve-month period (a little less than the fifteen-month support window) but I am proud to say I completed inside eleven months and this included completing each formative assignment available.

When dealing with large amounts of often complex information, I can only echo the advice of ICS Learn in that the formative assignments are a great opportunity to ensure your thought process is on track for the summative reports.

I also believe that the way in which the course material was written was a contributor to my success; it was engaging, well explained and concise.

I did some learning using a laptop, or via my smartphone (if I had an unexpected 15-20 minutes), but for most part I printed the material.

Whilst it was an online course, I didn’t want to be tied to a PC every time I wanted to work through the modular content.

Whilst very simplistic, the finer details like this demonstrated that ICS Learn had put real thought into how their course is accessed and that it could be as individual as you wanted it to be.

I shared my intention to complete this course with my employer and they agreed to support part of my tuition fees.

Over the last eleven months I have read and written about areas of HR I deal with every day and areas that I have little or no involvement in at present.

This course has broadened my whole perspective of HR and given me the confidence to deal with areas of HR I hope to experience in the future.    

My learning over the last eleven months is going to play a vital role in my success for the future and I know that when I begin the second year and gain a Diploma qualification, the only learning provider I intend to utilise is ICS Learn.   


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